Download Google Drive with the latest direct link for free 2021

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Download Google Drive with the latest direct link for free 2021


Download the latest version of Google Drive with a direct link for Android, iPhone and computer, Download Google Drive 2020 on smartphones or computers helps you store all your important files inside a cloud storage unit through which you can synchronize between many devices to obtain and access those files from Any device, anywhere, all you have to do is link the app to your email account on the Gmail platform.


It is worth noting that downloading Google Drive helps you store files of a large size of up to 15 GB and will not be limited to a specific type of files, but you can keep inside it with many files of different formats, where you can keep some pictures, even those of high quality, or clips Video or audio recordings in addition to Word, Excel, Photoshop, PDF and other files, and downloading the Google Drive program is one of the free services that Google provides to all users, so it supports many different languages ​​and of course the most important ones are Arabic and English.


The role of installing the application will not be limited only to storage, but also supports the sharing feature between many users via e-mail, in addition to opening the feature of adding some modifications by others, and this matter greatly contributes to the rotation and continuity of work and every employee in his home or every worker at his office Therefore, having the Google Drive Apk application on your device is an important necessity that helps you to manage your files well and organize your business optimally.


Download the Google Drive app for Android, iPhone and computer


Download the Google Drive program, Google Drive is one of the services that Google has provided since around 2011 and was initially working on computers and was in the name of Google Docs, which was doing the same work as Drive, but soon the company made many adjustments, improvements and advantages to it The add-on has become in the name of Google Drive and has become available for many different operating systems, whether smartphones that run on the Android system or that work according to the iOS system, and it can also be used on computers, whether running Windows or Mac.


And the Google Drive application is considered one of the important services used by business owners who want to save many files of different formats in large unlimited sizes, and in fact it is also useful for ordinary people who fear losing their files inside computers or when they want to keep some files Confidentiality or important files can be kept inside the application's cloud storage, as it works with encrypted technologies that no one can see or see, even the application server itself cannot detect any files saved in it.


It is worth noting that Google Drive can keep files of large size up to 15 GB or more, and if you want to find additional space, you can go to buy the paid version to take advantage of some other benefits and additions, as this paid version makes you able to keep files of up to size Up to 100 GB for 15 EGP and the paid space may reach 1 TB for 75 EGP in addition to 30 TB space, but at a higher price as a monthly subscription.


One of the most remarkable things you can do is to keep all the different file formats or share them with many other users by entering their email address so that those files appear to them with the ability to control that one of the participants does not modify the files inside those files except you, or Opening the door for participation to a specific user or to everyone, thus this matter enhances the performance and speeds up the completion of many tasks, as each user can put his own touch on the file to produce the best result and can be completed through the office or from home or from anywhere to complete and complete the work, which facilitates the completion Many tasks.


Files settings inside Google Drive


You can control some files separately. Certainly not all files are of equal importance to you. There are some files that you want to set some control settings for them, and you can do that by clicking on the three points available to the left of each file and the following will appear with you:


Share: This option enables you to share the file that you clicked on the three dots next to it only with a friend or with a group of friends, and this is done by adding their e-mail, so this file will appear in their Google Drive application as well.


In addition to the starred feature: Your application may be crowded with many files, the number of which may exceed a hundred and more. You have a really large space that you can use as you like within the Google Drive application, but in this case you can star some important files in order to be included in the favorites list. You can refer to it through the bottom bar of the application interface.


Availability without an Internet connection: There are some important files that you want to browse and read at any time, even if the Internet is cut off or outside the home and away from the Wi-Fi network, you can set this feature to be able to read it even when the phone is not connected to the Internet.


Activate the sharing feature by copying the link: You can activate the link copying feature and share it with many friends by sending it within any social media platform or via e-mail.


Send a copy: You can share a specific file via social media or via Bluetooth or email.


Download: If you want to download one of the files sent to you or that a friend shared with you on the Google Drive platform and download it to your smartphone or computer, you can click the download button and then browse the downloads file available on the device to find the file has been downloaded at a high speed .


Google Drive application features


1. The application is characterized by a very large number of advantages, which is enough to be one of the useful service applications that make the user able to manage the space of his internal device by keeping all the important files inside the application for fear of loss, and among the most prominent of those advantages are:


2. The application contains a very distinctive and easy-to-use interface as it is self-explanatory, and any novice can handle it with ease and comfort, even accessing the settings and controls is very easy and smooth.


3. One of the most prominent features of the Google Drive application is the speed in performance during download operations or uploading some important files to it, as it uses the speed of the Internet completely in order to be able to finish this work quickly, you will not believe that large files are uploaded On the application platform within a few minutes.


4. The application contains an advanced search platform through which you can access the file you want to access by writing down its name in the upper search bar to show you immediately, which enables you to access all your files that you downloaded easily despite the crowded files inside your files box .


5. The ability to share files with many friends, either through the social networking platforms available on your smartphone, or via Bluetooth. You can also make a group sharing of a single file by inserting the e-mail of the accounts with which you want to share the file.


6. It supports the remote work process, which enriches many of the employees of the same company in the presence of all at the same time to work on a specific file, but each of them can work inside his headquarters or inside his home by opening the door for modifications for all the accounts participating with you on the same file.


7. The application guarantees you the safety of keeping all the files that you fear losing when the device is exposed to any of the popular technical problems, and it also contributes to saving a space from the internal space of your device.


Download the program for Android from the Sans store


Download the program for iPhone from the Apple Store


Download the program for the computer


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