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Download Google Duo directly for free

Download the Google Duo application for Android, iPhone, computer and laptop with a direct link for free, latest version, to make free video and voice calls. In light of the circumstances that we are currently passing through, and the stay of many people in their homes, there has become an urgent need for a means for communication between smart phone users.

This is in order to communicate with friends and relatives who have become distant from us due to social distancing, and also in order to communicate with coworkers to accomplish the job tasks that we used to do in the closed rooms located in the workplace, and in which we are no longer able to gather in them now. So, we introduce you to Duo.

And what are the most applications through which we can make video and voice calls, and some of them have gained wide popularity and become installed and installed on most smart phones. But before you ask, why are we talking about Google Dio Donna today? I can answer you with direct and indirect answers. The direct answer says that the Duo program has high purity in the video call image, which you hardly find in other programs. And the indirect answer talks about many of the reasons that will be clear to you by explaining the program.

Download Google Duo for Android, iPhone, computer and laptop

Download the Google Duo application for iPhone with a direct link from the Apple Store and for Android with a direct link from the Play Store and for the computer for free, the latest version. We have provided you, dear reader, everything you would like to know about the Duo program that many use on their smartphones or tablets (tablets and iPads). You can review the previous lines to learn how to deal with the program step-by-step with following the pictures to complete your vision about the famous program, and to download click on any of the links below.

Google Duo features and features

1. Make video and voice calls with the highest quality.

2. The highest picture and sound quality for video calls.

3. The program is completely free.

4. Easy to use.

5. It is available on most smartphones running on the Android and iPhone system.

6. Produced by the largest technology company in the world, which is Google.


Download for Android from the Play Store


Download for iPhone from Apple Store


Download the program for the computer