Download Google Meet directly with the latest update

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Download Google Meet directly with the latest update


Download the Google Meet application for Android, iPhone and computer with a direct link to the latest version for free, and the Google Dead program is considered one of the best programs currently that have spread recently in light of the Corona pandemic. How to use Google Meet and what are its most important features and heart, it is an integrated application with the Android operating system. It is one of the most popular Google services. He is the first to use the name Hangouts, and his name has been changed to Google Dead.


This is a completely free app and it's a strong competitor to the app. With Zoom, you can easily create group video chats, which can be used on cell phones and computers, and support more than 256 members in one video chat.


Download Google Meet for Android, iPhone and computer with a direct link


Download Google Meet for iPhone, computer and Android for free with a direct link to the latest version from the Google Play Store, from the App Store, and for the computer from the Google website. In terms of appearance and interface, the application is one of the simplest applications, because the application is automatically downloaded on all Android phones that support Google services.


How and how to use Google Meet and what are its best features for Android, iPhone and computer


Google Mate itself is a separate app, but according to the company's official blog, Google will allow everyone to use the Google Mate app via the phone's built-in Gmail app in the coming weeks. You can currently use the app


Open the Google Meet app from your phone's Google apps list. If you want to start your own private meeting, click the "Start a new meeting" button. A screen will appear in front of you, Invite your friends to join the group chat or copy the chat code and send it to your friends, you can join the group chat by pressing the Enter group chat button and then enter the chat code A chat group you want to join

Note: You can invite as many friends as you want to participate in the Hangout, without restrictions during a session. The app also supports the use of multiple Google accounts. You can easily switch between Google accounts and you can invite friends by phone number or email, especially without sharing links.


Google Mate features and why it is a strong competitor to Zoom app. Google Meet is one of the easiest group chat app to use, as it is not as complicated as Zoom app.


You need to launch the app and start a group video chat without any other attachments, and you don't need much permission. You are only allowed to access the camera, access to the microphone to run the app and many other functions above it


Control any member's ability to join the chat, even if they have a join link, they can also reject the member or accept their group chat entry.


You don't need to use a password to join the conversation, just use the group chat link or the login code and join the conversation as soon as the admin approves.


Since you can join and leave at any time, creating a group conversation does not completely close the possibility that the conversation will not be terminated by all applications, it is possible to create group video chats between more than 256 members at the same time without problems and without limiting the length of the video, as there is no limit to the length Group conversations in the app.


You don't need to download any other app to run Google Meet, while Zoom app needs to download other apps to run all its functions without operational issues.


The app is provided for free and has no paid features, so you can use it without paying any fees.


The Google Meet app can be downloaded from Google Play Store and online stores.


You can press it to download and enjoy all these features, as the app is free and does not require payment or credit card details.


You can also create multiple video chats at the same time and participate in multiple group chats without any problems. Known as the most powerful server in the world on Google servers.


Download Google Meet for Android


Download Google Meet for iPhone


Download Google Meet for the computer


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