Download NotifyBuddy 2021 with direct link

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Download NotifyBuddy 2021 with direct link

Download the notification bulb app for Android with a direct link to the latest update from the Play Store for free. Despite the great development that smartphones have reached these days that work on the Android system, their makers have neglected the notification lighting feature that was previously present in old phones. The reason for this is often due to the users' lack of interest in this feature.


They showed great admiration for other features in these smartphones, which are the features currently found in modern Android systems. But users are getting interested in Notification Lighting again, which is why we introduced NotifyBuddy.

Download the NotifyBuddy app for Android direct link for free

Download NotifyBuddy for Android from the Play Store with a direct link to the latest version. This program is considered the best notification bulb program for Android. Although there are a lot of apps that do this, we preferred NotifyBuddy as the best of them. It lights up the notification light when you receive a notification light on your phone.


This is so that you are constantly aware of the arrival of notifications, especially those that come through messages coming from social media platforms, so that you can respond to the owners of these messages without delaying them.

Explain the use of the best NotifyBuddy notification bulb software

You can deal with the program directly by downloading it from the direct link listed at the end of this article. The steps for using it are easy and simple, and we will show them to you in the following.


1. Before using the program, you must first disable the battery optimization feature on the smartphone, if it is enabled.


2. Allow the program to access the notifications of other programs, and here you choose the programs whose notifications you want to light up as soon as they arrive.

3. You can choose different colors to light notifications, and you can also choose more programs to include them in the software package, which will illuminate the notification light as soon as its notifications arrive on your smartphone. And you can now receive notifications of will from chat programs such as Messenger and WhatsApp.


Download for Android from the Play Store


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