Download Pubg Mobile KR game direct link for free 2021

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Download Pubg Mobile KR game direct link for free 2021

Download the Korean PUBG game with a direct link for Android and iPhone from the Play Store and from the Apple Store. Download Pubg Mobile KR V1.1.0 APK + OBB for Android and iPhone The latest version is now available for download with a direct link from Mediafire, following the success of the original global version of PUBG That was launched almost two years ago, so the programmer company decided to launch an improved Korean version of the pubg with some different developments and additions that we will learn about in the next lines.

Where you can log in to the game via e-mail to one of the different social media platforms, or you can enter at the beginning to explore the game as a visitor, and the company that programmed it announced the launch of the new version of the PUBG MOBILE KOREAN game and called this version the name of embracing the spirit of the warrior in order to Players follow in the footsteps of warriors, so we recommend that you download the latest update Korean Buggy with added features and new tools as well as many modern weapons for more fun, excitement and excitement. The basic idea of ​​the game remains the same as in the Korean version, with some modifications.

Download Pubg Mobile KR game for Android and iPhone directly

Therefore, a Korean version of PUBG spread and loved by a large number of players, most of whom are under 18 years old, where the player displays all martial arts and intelligence skills in terms of developing many different strategies in order to survive among a group of 99 other attackers, with the presence of The same features of the microphone and text messaging between players for more challenge, and this version also has high-quality graphics.

As the company relied on 3D technology, so every player, especially the countries that have suffered the bitterness of wars and devastation, feels that installing the game takes them to the battlefield that approaches reality to a large extent, and it is worth noting that fans and fans of that game will be able to download it to computers for more fun The excitement is by downloading one of the famous Android emulators and then downloading it, but there is a problem that a large number of Arab users suffered from, which is the unavailability of PUBG, the Korean version, according to the geographical location, in this case it can be downloaded from anywhere other than the Google Play Store, and we will explain that more More details in the next paragraph.

Requirements to download Pubg Mobile KR game for Android phones

RAM: It should not be less than 2 GB and the best is 4 GB for faster performance.

Central processor: It must be quad-core.

CPU speed: At a minimum, it should be at 2 GHz, but it is better to be 2 GHz.

Operating system: As a minimum it is possible to download the Android 3 Kitkat version, but the recommended and best version is Android 5 Lollipop.

Requirements for downloading PUBGE KOREAN on iPhone

RAM: It should not be less than 4 GB, and the best is 8 GB, for a more fun, non-stop gaming experience.

Central processor: The minimum processor is to be a quad core.

CPU speed: faster than 2.5GHz is preferred.

Operating system: The game can be downloaded on iOS 9.0 and works efficiently on iPhone 6, 5, 7 and 8 phones, in addition to Plus, X and other phones.

Recommended Age: The platform prefers a player to be at least 12 years old.


Requirements for running the original Pubg Mobile KR PC game

Random memory: It is better if your computer has a RAM of at least 2 GB.

Central processor: Intel I core 3 2100 or AMD processor

Operating system: The game can be downloaded on devices running Windows Vista or Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Internal space: It is better that the available free space on the device is at least 2 GB.

Screen Card: MD Radeon HD 7870 or NVIDIA GeForce GTX 760.

Features and features of Pubg Mobile KR

Pubgé Corée is characterized by many advantages that made the company profit from its first issue in the millions, as its popularity increased and became one of the most popular copies currently on the scene, due to the fact that it contains many advantages that are as follows:

One of the best advantages of the game is that it does not receive any complaints or negative comments yet, and this may be due to the reliance of the programmers of the version on huge powerful servers, which does not allow for any technical defects of this game.

Because the developers of the version are aware of the users' joy of receiving many gifts and multiple rewards within the game, I have placed among the basics of starting the game pumping various amounts of gifts and free prizes as well as many rewards that the user will receive while playing the game.

The two versions can be run on the device, either the original international or the Korean version with great ease.

The version is also characterized by its speedy performance and the absence of the slightest problem during the download or during the game, and it does not consume many Internet units, meaning the Internet phone package can be used without fear.

Contains a new zombie mode, where the battle is limited to fighting the player with 99 other players, all of whom have the same physical powers and the same size of the bag and tools, but with the zombie mode the player fights strange non-human creatures, which adds more excitement and fun within pubg mobile Korean.

It contains many strategic maps that show in detailed and accurate detail what is included in many different places on the island.

It includes a group of vehicles that appear in many different shapes, such as large trucks and four passenger cars, in addition to motorcycles, some boats and ships, even the clothes appear attractively in bright colors and more than wonderful, and the game characters are different and wonderful.

High-quality graphics and graphics to make the combat saga appear as realistic, even vehicles, weapons and characters simulate nature.


Download the game for Android


Download the game for iPhone


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