Download Pubg Mobile Vn directly with the latest update 2021

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Download Pubg Mobile Vn directly with the latest update 2021


Download Pubg Mobile Vn for Android and iPhone with a direct link to the latest version from the Play Store and from the Apple Store with a direct link. Download the PUBG Mobile VN game, the latest version of 2021, with a direct link from Media Fire, as the game is available on the Google Play Store or the App Store only for residents in Eastern Asia, but we have provided the direct link to you through the software Plus website, as the original PUBG game is one of the games that was very popular among many other action games and reaped unparalleled, unexpected and unprecedented download rates within a short period of its launch on official stores .

But when you download pubg mobile vn for Android and iPhone, you will find that it is relatively different from the usual original version as it contains many advanced and modern tools, cars and weapons that give the game an atmosphere of fun and excitement stronger, but the game’s story and goal remains one, which is an attempt to fight all the enemies inside Battlefield to stay alone among more than a hundred players, which increases the challenging fun within the game.

It can also be said that the Vietnamese PUBG MOBILE game differs from the global version of the game in the rate of weapon recoil, the dressing rooms and the different characters that will appear inside the game with Vietnamese features, as well as the control mechanism inside the game, sound effects and some other graphics and other differences, as it has a smaller and appropriate size For some smartphones, although it is mainly directed to players in East Asian countries, it is available to all users around the world and for more fun and excitement, you can use the phone's microphone if you are fluent in the Vietnamese language to speak with the rest of the team members, if you want to enter the collective mode.

Download Pubg Mobile Vn for Android and iPhone directly for free

Download Pubg Mobile Vn for iPhone with the latest direct link for free from the Apple Store and the Play Store. The Vietnamese PUBG Mobile game is another version of the original global game Buggy launched by Tencent many years ago, if you are a fan of the original game, you will have more experience.

Fun by getting a copy of PUBG Vietnam as it contains some wonderful differences that give an atmosphere more excitement and excitement, as you are the commando hero in the game who has to kill all the other players by default inside an isolated island, you have to collect all the weapons and first aid bags as well.

And a large number of Vietnamese users of PUBG acknowledged the latest update that it works very efficiently without interruption, as the company used in its programming advanced modern technological techniques, as well as the game servers that do not have a great pressure like the global version, but it supports many languages ​​also and is available for all different operating systems, Including the Windows computer by downloading one of the famous Android emulators, or downloading the emulator of the company Tencent programmed for it, which developed this emulator specifically for it.

The game PUBG has high graphics and the most wonderful graphics, as well as the availability of many characters for the ability to choose and the spaciousness of the dressing rooms and the variety of weapons, vehicles and combat equipment to appear more powerful and ferocious, in addition to modern models of the best aircraft, PUBG Vietnam Mobile has received great attention By programmers, so it gets many updates continuously and periodically.

It is worth noting that this version came as a continuation of the fruits of the success of the original version, which won the award for the best electronic game in the field of action for smartphones in 2008 AD, in addition to winning the award for the best free graphic game for iPhone phones since 2018 AD, so we expect more and more about offering other copies for all countries The world of this most wonderful game, which includes more than one mode to play, which remained free despite the overwhelming success it achieved, as well as the game of PUBG Mobile Vietnam was provided free of charge as well, but it needs a strong connection to the Internet to ensure the continuation of the game, especially in mode Team play within a team of real players.

Pubg Mobile Vn Game Styles

The Vietnamese game of PUBG consists of several modes so that you have complete freedom to choose the style you want, and among the most prominent game modes:

Single mode: It is the mode in which you play against more than 100 virtual players inside the battlefield, all you have to do is kill them all to survive within a specified time for each round.

Dual mode: In this mode, you can share with a real friend on the Facebook platform to form a cooperation between the two of you for more fun and excitement within the game.

Group mode: It is one of the most important modes of the PUBG Mobile VN game that is characterized by, where you can be a member of a team consisting of 4 members and they are real people and players, but they are not your friends, you can cooperate together in order to protect each other or help any of you injured or alert the other By the arrival of one of the enemies to attack him, but this pattern requires an internet connection.

Types of maps in Pubg Mobile Vn

This version also contains many different types of maps, each of which differs from the other in terms of shape and mechanism of dealing with it, so you can when you start the game choose the map that suits you or that you want, and among the most prominent types of maps within the game PUBG The Vietnamese version is:

Arangel map: This map is the ideal type for all beginners in the game as it is characterized by easy handling and clarity of places inside, as well as easy to save all places inside.

Miramar Map: It is the perfect wonderful map that you can use in the event of your landing from the plane in the arid desert lands, and this map is well suited for lovers of using sniper weapons from a distance.

Sanhok map: It is considered one of the most important maps that the player resort to in the game of Peggy vn who does not want to collide and collide because it is one of the maps that provide good hiding places, and from where you can know where the enemy is to snipe.

Vikendi Map or Snow Map: It is the ideal map that is largely ambiguous. If you like to enter into a state of mystery and an atmosphere of adventure that takes you to a new and unique world, this map will be your perfect choice.

Features and characteristics of PUBG Mobile VN 2020

This Vietnamese version of the game PUBG vn has many wonderful features that make the experience of using it more than wonderful, and the most prominent of these advantages are:

There are many different options available within that version that increase the fun of playing for those who are passionate about it.

The game supports very powerful servers, which makes you not feel that there is pressure on the game service provider, which may not expose you to interruption during the game.

It includes tons of different maps and modes that make you feel the real pleasure in the game.

You can get more gifts and rewards after passing each stage, which motivates you to continue with this version. 


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