Download Super Applock 2020 with a direct link to the latest version

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Download Super Applock 2020 with a direct link to the latest version


Download the application and program lock for Android and iPhone with the latest version direct link, download the Super App Lock program, the latest version for phones that work according to the Android system, as it was provided with a direct link from the official Google Store and also in Apk format as it is considered one of the leading applications In the field of privacy and a security lock on all pictures and videos available inside the phone, in addition to many secret applications or important files, to be out of the prying eyes and voyeurs.


After downloading Super App Lock on your smartphone, you will not be bothered to leave the phone with anyone because it is impossible for him to access your applications and files and everything that concerns you and does not want to share it with anyone, and you can now leave the phone with your child and you are assured that you are well aware. He will not be able to access your important files and manipulate them, and indeed after the release of a copy of the application on the official Android store, you may notice its spread and popularity among many users due to its many advantages.


Despite the multiplicity of applications that perform the same mechanism of the Super App Lock program, the statistics of technical experts confirmed that it is one of the 10 best locking applications available on the Google Play Store, in addition to being a very distinctive application, as it supports the feature of closing many applications and games in addition to clips Audio, most important documents and files for work, in addition to the gallery that includes photos, videos and gifts, all this in addition to the ability to install the Super App Lock application for free, in addition to its distinctive size.


Download Super App Lock for Android and iPhone, the latest version


Download the latest version of the app lock for iPhone and Android for free with a direct link. Although the Super App Lock application has not been launched on the Google Play Store except for a few months by the developers of Super AppLock, the application has gained very great popularity, especially because it is a free application that guarantees all users protection The desired by setting a lock on many applications and games or everything that is included in the program as it is a very special program that you can rely on and leave the phone in the hands of any family member without fear, and you can leave it with children without worry.


Not only that, but the program lock program can be used as a cache for many files that you do not want anyone to see on the phone, and be completely reassured as no one holding your phone will notice that you have hidden some files and no one but you will be able to retrieve the files and it is a completely safe application where It protects all your data from its own servers, so no hacker or snooper can access your private files or pictures that you don't want anyone to see.


Features of App Lock Super


The Super Applock application has many advantages that made it one of the most powerful phone lock applications that were recently launched on the Google Play Store for Android phones, as it is a strong protection program that makes you feel completely safe about dealing with it and you are not afraid to leave your phone in the hands of a relative or Friends because all your applications, games, important files and personal photos are completely safe, and among the most prominent advantages of this application are:


The ability to choose the password, either a code or numbers, the Super App Lock application allows you to choose the password for the application according to what you are comfortable with, where you can activate the password that depends on numbers by setting 4 easy-to-remember numbers, as you can Set a specific symbol that you want.


 and thus the application allows you to deal with the application according to the method or method you prefer, and you can do that from the Settings button, from there to choosing Lock Type and then clicking on any Patten Lock or Pin Lock option.


Download for Android from the Play Store


Download for iPhone from Apple Store


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