Download Twitch program directly with the latest version

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Download Twitch program directly with the latest version


Download the Twitch app on Android and iPhone phones from the Google Play Store and the App Store, for lovers of watching the live broadcast of games on the Internet. The Twitch app is the best platform that content makers use to broadcast new games or games that viewers request through comments, many of the makers Arabic content specifically on YouTube, they create a live broadcast continuously through the Twitch platform for followers and interact with them directly daily, you can download the Twitch application to watch any live broadcast of your favorite content makers, follow it and communicate with it through direct broadcast comments easily and for free.


The Twitch application is affiliated with the giant Amazon company. The online Twitch platform started in 2011, specifically in June. The Twitch platform and site relies on the live broadcast of electronic games such as the FIFA 2020 game, Fortnite game or the PUBG mobile game and many games that have a large fan base In the Arab world in particular, the Twitch platform has become in recent years a major platform for live broadcasting of tournaments in electronic games over the Internet.


Download the Twitch application to broadcast games for Android and iPhone


Download the Twitch program intended for live broadcasting only, after downloading the application or opening the main Twitch website via the browser, create your account in Twitch, the easiest way to create an account on the Twitch platform is to create an account on Facebook, the site will automatically take the name, picture and all the required data from Facebook Certainly after your approval.


After creating your account, search for the Arab content creators you follow, and subscribe to their channel until you receive a notification on your mobile phone when the content creator creates a live broadcast, start communicating and interacting with content creators through comments. You can also click on the word support by placing a credit card number Set your own and set a specific amount of money to support the content maker.


Twitch app features for Android and iPhone


- Download the Twitch app 100% free on Android phones from the Google Play Store or on iPhone phones from the App Store.


- The Twitch application does not require a large amount of internal storage for your mobile phone.


- The Twitch application does not consume a lot of RAM or random storage, the application is very light on the phone.


- Twitch application saves battery capacity and power from advanced application programming to conserve battery.


- Twitch application design is very simple and uncomplicated, and anyone can deal with it and enjoy all the application services.


- You can create an account on the Twitch platform easily by registering with your account on Facebook, and you can also create an account with your personal data.


- The ability to follow an unlimited number of content creators for free and watch their live broadcasts without paying any money.


The Twitch app provides financial support to the content creator for a paid subscription with a certain amount of money and you get some privileges.


- The ability to search for a specific game name and watch the content makers who provide a live broadcast regarding that game and choose a live broadcast to watch it.


- The Twitch app provides a dedicated section for songs and live song broadcasts, such as radio broadcasts.


- The ability to specify the quality of the live broadcast, from 144p to 1080p quality, to save the capacity of the Internet or the package.


- Easy to enlarge the screen and watch the game in full screen mode as well as read comments on the right side for live broadcasting.


There is no delay in the live broadcast like other live broadcasting platforms in YouTube or Facebook.


- The ability to write an unlimited number of comments on the live broadcast to communicate with viewers or with the content creator.


- You can watch the live broadcast outside the application by agreeing to the floating window to follow the live broadcast while you browse other applications.


- The Twitch app provides a dark mode feature or a dark mode for the app until everything turns dark black.


Download the Twitch app available on Windows, Mac, Android phones, and iPhone phones.


Download Android from the Play Store


Download iPhone from the Apple Store


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