Download ZOOM Cloud Meetings with a direct link for free

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Download ZOOM Cloud Meetings with a direct link for free

Download the latest version Zoom for Android and iPhone for free with a direct link, we go through this article in one of the best social media applications with others. It is an application that many of the internet pioneers are looking for, especially the pioneers of social media platforms, which is the zoom cloud program. This is what we will explain in the coming lines.


There are many communication applications in the world of phones, whether for the Android system or the iOS system. But here we are talking about an exceptional program for smartphones and tablets as well. It is completely different from what you are used to in other popular social media apps. And that many around the world depend on it. This is because, simply, the zoom app enables the sweep of corporate meetings that take place through homes, now that the Corona virus is spreading in many countries around the world.

Download the ZOOM Cloud Meetings app for Android, iPhone and computer

Download the Zoom program for iPhone, computer and Android with a direct link through the Play Store for Android and through the Apple Store for iPhone, after you download the program and install it on the phone, you will open it. Here, it should be noted that the installation process of the program is automatic. You will not need additional steps in order to install the program.

You just need to click on the appropriate link for your phone system from the links found at the bottom of this article. On the home page that meets you when you open the program for the first time, you will learn about the main purpose of the program. It is to create a video call with coworkers or any group of people, no matter their number. Or, you can join a video call that is taking place right now between a group of people.

Here, we are not looking for a program similar to WhatsApp, for example, as it is a disadvantage to WhatsApp that it is limited to a certain number of individuals who are allowed to join the video call. But with the zoom cloud program, you will be able to join a large number of people to talk together through a high-quality video call without interruption, and the number of people joining the call may reach 10 or more. I would like to inform you, dear reader, that you must first register on the program and create an account.


Download for Android from the Play Store


Download for iPhone from Apple Store


Download the program for the computer


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