Download the FaceApp program directly with the latest update for free

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Download the FaceApp program directly with the latest update for free


Download the FaceApp application for Android and iPhone with a direct link to the latest version for free from the Play Store and the Apple Store. In light of the Corona crisis that we are experiencing in that period, many are looking for exciting applications that appear with new ideas outside the box and not usual before that.

We are not talking about a program to modify images normally or in the way known to Android and iPhone users, but we are united about an application that can show you how you look when you are old and old and your facial features change completely. It is a FaceApp application. For these reasons, this program has become one of the most popular photo editing programs.

As we mentioned in the previous paragraph, there are many, many applications that make adjustments to images and add effects to them, whether curious or aesthetic effects. This is the focal point of faceapp. It provides us with a good filter, which is to convert pictures of men and women into pictures of old and old. As if you have traveled through time to see how you look when you get older and cross the sixty or seventy years barrier. So let's get to know more about Facebook.

Download the latest version of the FaceApp application for Android and iPhone

Download the FaceApp program for iPhone and Android with direct links, the latest update for free. At the beginning of talking about FaceApp, you should not consider it like the Beauty Plus program or the famous Photo Lab program on the scene now. It is a program that transforms images through artificial intelligence technology and by using the intended face to be modified to create new faces that are sometimes scary, funny, wonderful, and often impressive.

This program can use the photos in your smartphone's photo gallery or you can take a personal picture of you or your loved one using the cameras that you can run through it, and all this after you agree to the permissions that FaceApp requests from you at the beginning of dealing with it. And if you have a large number of pictures on your gallery, this program has the ability to filter these pictures and take only the image that matches it (clear personal photos only).

FaceApp uses special servers to convert images into terrifying and wonderful shapes at the same time. This means that any image you use to modify it is uploaded to Faceapp's servers. This is what many experts warned against. Because it is possible to see these images by the application developers, and this is the problem that was raised shortly after the application became widespread.

How to convert your old photo to an image on your Android and iPhone device

1. Open the application through the icon that appears on the phone screen next to other applications installed on your device, which will inevitably appear after the download and installation process is completed.

2. As we mentioned in the previous steps, the camera will be launched automatically by opening the program. But if you look down, you will find the image on the phone's gallery displayed in front of you, specifically the images that fit this application. You can move with your finger by scanning the screen to move between these images to select the image that you want to convert or add a specific filter to it.

3. After settling on the image, you can click on it or click on the "Choose Photo" icon. And immediately, FaceApp will start the process of reading and recognizing the image, which may last for a while.

4. After the image is recognized by FaceApp, go to the program’s filters through the "Choose Filter" icon. Here, the program begins with accepting the filter and applying it to the previously selected image.

5. After applying the filter. You will save the image through the save icon at the bottom of the application screen at the far side of the right. Or, you can post the image to social media through Faceapp directly.


Download the program for Android


Download the program for iPhone


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