Download the Fortnite Battle Royale game with a direct link

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Download the Fortnite Battle Royale game with a direct link


Download Fortnite Battle Royale for Android and iPhone with a direct link to the latest version from the Google Play Store and from the Apple Store. Downloading the Fortnite game on Android phones has become very difficult, as the company provided it since its first release on its official website, which made most of these fans.


The game from Android phone holders are unable to obtain it, and perhaps the reason for the lack of Fort Knight is due to the difference between the owner company and Google, as Google takes a very large percentage of the game’s profits as a result of placing it on its platform, but it is worth noting that the two parties have reconciled recently Epic Game, the owner and producer of the game, agreed to place it in the store, so you can get it easily through the official store for Android phones.


As for iPhone phones, the command to download Fortnite was easy from the very first glance because it is available on the official App Store platform, and Fortnite is considered one of the most popular games that belong to combat games as it relies mainly on the fighting spirit integrated with the instinct to survive, where it begins The game is inside a certain place. You have to hide next to one of the things so that the opponents do not see you and try to kill you, in addition to trying to kill the permanent opponents to reach the finish line on your own and win and skip stages after the other, and Fortnite has increased install rate due to it being one of the very distinct games in the world of art games Combat, as well as its many unique qualities, which we will list in detail in the following paragraphs.


Download Fortnite Battle Royale game for Android, iPhone, PC and Mac


Download the Fortnite Battle Royale game for iPhone and Android with a direct link to the latest version for free. The latest update. Epic Game has released the Fortnite game in multiple versions and series, so that each time it includes many features and improvements, and this company is considered one of the best gaming companies as it is offering Its games have a store of its own, and the Fort Knight Battle Royale game is classified as one of the fighting games that has a fantastic graphic quality, as well as many more than wonderful sound effects, and it is a multi-character game as well as the availability of many weapons and fighting tools with changing battlefields From one stage to another and from one situation to another.


The company launched Fort Knight for Android for the first time since 2017, on computers and laptops, whether operating according to the Windows or Mac system, and it spread widely upon its release on the Xbox and Playstation devices and after the spread of smart phones, the company began to put it on the App Store. Store for iPhone phones and another version on its own store, as some problems occurred between the game owner Epic Game and Google, which forced Epic to acquiesce in Google's percentage of profits because Epic knows very well that the matter of downloading some games from outside the official store For Android, it may hamper the downloading and spreading processes.


The atmosphere of the Fort Knight game revolves around catastrophic events that ravaged some countries, which led to the massive disappearance of the human element by up to 98% of the population of the universe with its impact, which led to the emergence of some new creatures that are very similar to the famous zombie creatures, which would do By trying to kill the remainder of the human race that is still alive, and your role here is to try to kill them and hide from them in a safe place in order to reach the end, i.e. the main goal that you can profit from is to stay alive as long as possible while trying to kill all of these creatures.


How to download the Fortnite Battle Royale game on Android phones


The first step: Initially, you could download it through the company's official store available on its website, but after the reconciliation between Epic and Google, it was available for the first time on the Google Play Store, so open the store and without the game name in the top bar of the store.


The second step: There is no competitor for this game or its name, so it will appear in the first search engine, click on the Install button.


Third Step: Some permissions will appear that will complete the download process after clicking on them, click on the Accept button, and wait for the installation to complete.


Fourth step: After that, the install button will be switched to the open button, click on it to start using the game.


How to download the Fortnite game on iPhone phones


The first step: the game is available since its first release on smartphones inside the App Store, so all you have to do is click on the store and without the name of the game inside the translator search platform in Arabic or English.


Step two: After the game appears, click on the Get button to start downloading the game on the phone.


The third step: Just make sure that the phone is connected to the Internet, and wait a little while for it to download, after the download process is finished, all you have to do to enjoy the game is to click on the Open button.


Features of Fortnite game download for Android and iPhone latest update 


The Fort Knight game contains many advantages that made it one of the most popular fighting games that have the spirit of adventure and excitement among many other games, which are square on the electronic games arena as they include the following:


It contains many characters, one of the most distinctive features of the game Fortnite is that it includes many characters that are all distinguished by their simulation of reality closer to nature, and it is worth noting that the characters are varied between men and women, in order to choose who plays your role within the game as well. You want, even the victory dance you can choose yourself, and thus you will feel as if you are creating the character that you want to play your role in the game in all its details.


Strengthening social relations as a result of the spirit of cooperation, Fort Knight Battle Royale is distinguished by that it will take you to another world, but you will not be alone in it, but the spirit of cooperation and love between you and many members of the team will be manifested, as you and they will be at the heart of one man, you will try hard in various ways to Protect all team members and for that, team members will also protect you, by warning you and trying to keep the enemies away from your hiding site, and this of course strengthens the spirit of cooperation and love between you and your friends in the game.


The idea of ​​building for many buildings and castles, one of the most unique features of the game Fortnite is the ability to carry out construction and reconstruction operations, using some building materials that you will search for or that will fall in your hands, in order to protect inside them from the eyes of the enemies and try to store all the weapons that You will also find it through searches inside it. This feature is one of the most characteristic of Fort Knight, as many have confirmed that it is similar in its idea to some of the famous fighting games currently on the electronic games arena for smartphones, except that it differs from them in this feature on the face. Selection.


Also, this feature makes the player have the ability and skill of thinking, this game works to show the user the methods of cunning and intelligence in the method of building and construction in a way that makes him away from the eyes of enemies and opponents.


 It contains very high-quality graphics, the graphics inside Fortnite appear very high quality because Epic Games paid this game great attention, and assigned the matter to a select group of the best programmers who manufactured the best games on the official phone stores, and thus the game appeared to us in this way The most wonderful, as it is from the intensity of the graphics quality inside the game, which depends on the official 3D technology, and thus the game appeared to us in this most wonderful way, as it is from the intensity of the quality of the graphics inside the game that depends on the 3D technology, you will feel as if those characters Closer to reality.


The Fort Knight game is available free of charge, one of the best things that users around the world have recommended towards this game the most wonderful is that it is available for free, which contributed more to the spread of the game among many users, so the game gained extraordinary popularity within a few years of launching And version of the game Fort Knight.


Download Fortnite for Android


Download Fortnite for iPhone


Download Fortnite for PC and Mac


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