Download the Googlefier application with a direct link

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Download the Googlefier application with a direct link


Download the Googlefier application with the latest direct link, the new way to download Google Play services on your Huawei phone. did you buy a Huawei or Honor phone recently without Google services, as Huawei was prevented from using Google services with its phones last period due to problems between the United States and China in A recent update we reveal to you an official way from Google to re-install Google services in Huawei phones.


 the method that we will explain supports all Huawei and Honor destinations except for Huawei EMUI 11 interface, and this new application allows you to install all Google services and basic applications on your phone, which makes Huawei phones that have become cheap The price is competitive after installing all Google Play services. Here is how the application works.


Download the Googlefier app to download Google services on Huawei devices


Download the Google Fire application, the new way to install Google services on Huawei devices, the Googlefier application is an application dedicated to re-download all Google Play services on Huawei and Honor phones. The application was designed by XDA and it is a reliable source for creating open source software where the application was developed by bender_007, which is One of the most famous software developers within the XDA community, but the new application, although from a reliable source, is unofficial and unauthorized, as Google has not officially authorized the use of the application, but it is completely safe and allows you to install all Google services with ease


The application is completely dedicated to adding and installing all the banned Google application and services on the Chinese company Huawei to Huawei and Honor phones without the need for the old, difficult methods that needed to use the computer to activate the Google features on your phone. Now using the application you can download all Google services to your phone with all the existing applications In it in less than 10 minutes.


The basic applications that are installed in Google services through the application


The group of Google services applications that are installed in Huawei phones and are currently banned from installation are the basic applications on every phone that have become unavailable on Huawei phones due to the commercial hostility between America and China. Here is a complete list of all the basic applications that are restored after installing the Google Fire application.


1. Google Play, Google Play


2. Google services application


3. Google Chrome


4. Youtube app


5. google assistant


6. Google Meet app



Download the app from media fire


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