Magisto Download for Android and iPhone with a direct link

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Magisto Download for Android and iPhone with a direct link

Download the Magisto app for Android and iPhone with a direct link to the latest update for free via the Play and Apple Store. Magisto is one of the rare programs in the world of video making and adding visual effects to it. As it has the ability to turn your photos scattered in the gallery of your smartphone into a video clip accompanied by dreamy and attractive music. From here you will follow your photos that you photographed before, as if you are watching a short film that was directed by a professional directing. You can also cut videos, merge more than one video into one video, and many other features that we will talk about in the next lines.

And at the beginning of your use of the program, you will learn about its most important features, which are making videos and displaying your photos in the form of a video through a professional template not found in any other program. You can also cut and merge videos together to create the most beautiful moments you captured with your mobile camera, but in a new and innovative way. In addition to many other features.

Download Magisto app for Android and iPhone to convert photos into professional videos

Download Magisto for iPhone and Android with direct links to the latest version. Here we come to the point of registering the account on the program for making and editing videos. It is one of the easiest procedures that you can perform. Where you can link the programs to your personal account on the most popular social networking platform, which is Facebook. You can also link the program to your personal account on the Google website or create an account on the website through your verified email address. You can also review the terms of use of the program and the privacy policy before you start using it.

About Magisto

The Magisto application is one of the coolest applications currently in the world of technology to convert photos into videos in a very easy way and add the music you want to the video in a great way. Here you choose the template that matches the video you want to create. If you are making a video for friends, for example, you can choose a fun or humorous template, in addition to romantic templates and templates that express memories and the beautiful past if you include pictures that express the past or about people you lost in your life and want to revive their memory through a light video on the heart.

Here there is a huge variety of templates in which you can output the video. It is divided into groups at the top of the screen for templates, and this is to make it easier for you to choose the template you want, by looking at the set of templates that you want to choose from. And you don't have to go through the whole block and try it to find what is desired.

Can you enjoy the video showing your photos without background music? Of course, your answer will be no, my friend. This is what Magisto also realized, in order to complete the fun of watching a full-fledged professional video. Here, you choose the music that matches the video and also suits your taste in music in general. This is what the program took care of in the list, which includes many types and forms of music that vary between dreamy, romantic, calm, fast, humorous, funny and many other genres. You can listen to every track on this list until you settle on what you want.

In each of the previous steps for creating a video on Magisto, the word Next appears in light green and is located at the top of the screen for the step on the far right. By clicking on this word, it announces to the program that you have finished the current step, to take you to the next step. But it differs with the step of choosing music, because it is the last step in making a video. Next is replaced with Create in the same place and with the same color. After selecting the music, you click on it to proceed to the video naming step, in which you put the appropriate name for the video.

You can ignore the video naming step by clicking on the Cancel icon or naming the video and then clicking on the OK icon. Here, the program begins reading the images and data that you entered in the previous steps, which may take some time. After that you save it and enjoy the video you made with Magisto. Share it on social media platforms.

Features and characteristics of downloading the Magisto 

1- Making videos professionally.

2. It contains a large amount of wonderful templates that will confuse you to choose from.

3. It has a large list of music that you include as wallpaper for your video.

4. You can share the videos on various social media platforms or save them on your smartphone.


Download for Android from the Play Store


Download for iPhone from Apple Store


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