Download the PES 2021 Football game with a direct link, for free

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Download the PES 2021 Football game with a direct link, for free


Download the PES game for Android and iPhone with the latest direct link for free, download the PES 2021 soccer game with a direct link for free for Android and iPhone from Mediafire, the latest release for football fans, that round witch who possessed the hearts of all people from different countries of the world.


 and we have already talked about EFootball PES 2021, but after the launch of the new version, which in my view is more than wonderful in terms of simulating reality and using newer and more efficient technologies to show the players in the real way, so that the user feels that he is one of these players for more fun and excitement, and that he is inside a real football match .


Also, downloading PES 2021 is one of the famous football games whose name has spread since its first release, along with the famous FIFA game, which will remain the competitive struggle between them forever, and of course all of this is in the interest of the user, to enjoy the best football games in a wonderful technical way, After installing the game, you can enter the world of big tournaments by choosing one of the international clubs, or playing friendly matches, as well as entering any kind of league you want, whether the English, German or Egyptian league as you like, to play fierce matches with wonderful and very skillful moves.


You will also have a very easy gameplay and controls, but be careful not to display skillful and repetitive moves because the artificial intelligence feature will read that, and then you will study those movements and block you and defeat you.


Download the 2021 eFootball PES soccer game for Android and iPhone


Download the PES Football game with a direct link, the 2021 eFootball PES football game is the most famous soccer game that Konami, the leader in the field of electronic games, has introduced since 2017, and then the releases followed and in each version the company puts additional technical touches for more fun and excitement In order to preserve its popularity, it, for example, updates the transfer movement that takes place within clubs, and supports purchases of players and coaches as well, in addition to ease of use because it supports the offline mode without the need for an Internet connection.


Moreover, the company programmed for Pes 2021 used unique technologies, based on the simulation of nature in terms of the shape of the stadium, the features of the players and their affiliation with their real clubs, as well as the picturesque sound effects that are clearly reflected in the voices of the fans and the manner and performance of each player that is known in reality. , Which makes you feel like a member of the soccer team you already love, but inside the PES game you are a professional soccer player, not a viewer or audience.


Despite the series of successes achieved by the PES 2021 game, it is still available free of charge from safe and reliable sources on official stores, whether Google Play Store or App Store as well, and you can also enjoy it on computer screens with a larger size and higher fun, but it needs devices with capabilities Relatively high in order to work efficiently, and its very large size exceeds 1.5 GB, so it needs a large free storage space.


The most important new updates in PES 2021 football


- Modern 3D technologies and high-resolution graphics have been added to make you feel in front of the real player.


Many other languages ​​have been added, most notably French and Italian, and there are several attempts to introduce the Arabic language to meet the desires of users from the countries of the Middle East and Africa.


- More wonderful and modern football skills have been added to each player in a distinctive way, in terms of tackling the ball, defense, attack and goalkeeping.


- A backstage follow-up feature for matches inside the locker room has been added and players are prepared for some technical training before the match.


- A large number of technical managers have been added, which amount to more than 18 managers, for the player to choose from them what he likes, as well as the design feature of the technical director and provide him with some specifications he desires.


- The ability to play and enjoy without the need for a phone connection to the Internet has been added for a more free and unrestricted gameplay.


PES 2021 Mobile Football PES features


1. PES 2021 APK has many advantages that have appeared from one version to another and from one version to another, and therefore it has remained at the forefront of great soccer games, and among the most prominent features of it are:


2. PES 2021 contains great sound effects that transport you to the atmosphere of the audience and the cheering, which makes the stadium roaring from its intensity, and it is worth noting that they are sounds like reality because of the strong acoustics of the game.


3. The ability to choose between many players and the formation and planning of the team before starting to take to the field, you are inside the game in control of everything, which gives you a lot of fun and pleasure.


4. You can choose the control mechanism within the game in two ways, such as the classic method represented by the old PlayStation arm, or the advanced method that relies on touching the screen for easy control and winning and goals.


5. The stadium and the players appear in a very realistic way, as the features of the players appear as if they are real Let's meet the best players of the world and participate with them in the same team, in addition to the shape of the stadium and the distinctive green grass that mimics the natural playgrounds.



Download the game for Android from the Play Store


Download the game for iPhone from the Apple Store


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