Download the Voice Changer program with a direct link

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Download the Voice Changer program with a direct link 


Download the Voice Changer app for Android and iPhone with another direct link, released from the Play Store and the Apple Store for free. Most social media users have moved to download the Voice Changer application because of its many advantages, as this program gives you the ability to change your voice On the various social media platforms, whether WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and other means of communication, the voice changer program is one of the most popular programs that have received the approval of a large proportion of Android and iPhone users due to its addition of many sound effects to the same sound, as well as Its ease of use as its interface is self-explanatory as it has a very easy interface.

In addition, downloading the voice changing program makes you change your voice from a man to a girl or vice versa, and the mechanism of its work is not limited to the direct live sound, but the program can also be used on the recorded voices provided that the effect you want is applied to them, and you can also add Some modifications and effects included in the voice changer to some audio files saved inside the phone storage memory, so installing the Voice Changer application on smartphones gives an atmosphere of fun and entertainment among many users as the program enables them to share those recordings with many friends Either through one of the social media platforms, whether Facebook or WhatsApp and other other platforms, in addition to the ability to share these files via Bluetooth without the need for an Internet.

Download the Voice Changer app for Android and iPhone, the latest version

Download the Voice Changer program for iPhone and Android with a direct link for the latest update for free. 302 Lock Screen launched the Voice Changer only about two years ago, and a version was released for smartphones that work according to the Android system only and so far, no copies of the iPhone will be available and there are no The intention of the company about that, and it is considered one of the leading companies in the world of audio and the world of entertainment programs that add an atmosphere of fun and entertainment among many users and a copy of the program has been placed on the official Android store Google Play, in addition to providing it in Apk format to be easily downloaded by users .

We have provided you with links to download the voice changer program from the bottom of the topic so that you can easily access the link to start using and enjoy the application, as it is available on Google Play in late 2017, specifically in the month of September and since its first version, you may notice the extent of the popularity and desirability of a large number A large number of users praised it, so the producer felt proud of this most wonderful program.

How to start using Voice Changer during a call

First Step: After clicking on the Open button, right after the process of downloading the voice changer, the main interface of the application will appear, which appears as a record button.

The second step: You can use each setting and record some live live sounds through the program and re-listen to them, and we will list in some detail how to use the program with all its settings and the details of the uses of its interface.

The most important effects of Voice Changer

Through the voice changer application, you can change the voice to more than one different sound because the application includes more than one effect, and these effects are as follows:


A big man's voice is hoarse.


Satan's voice.


Robot voice.


The voice of someone impressed.


Squirrel sound.


The voice of a man over the age of sixty or seventy years.


Chorus sound.


Young child's voice.


Martian voice.


Phone sound.


A duckling sound.


Sound as if you are talking underwater.


The sound of your tongue is crooked.


Robot voice big or small.


The sound of a bee.


A nervous and anxious voice about something.


Foreign voice.


The voice of a drunk and unsteady person.


Christian Choral Voice.


Echo sound.


Features and characteristics of the Voice Changer application during a call


We also mentioned that although the Voice Changer application does not occupy the first research centers in the world of programs for changing voices and sharing them, it is considered one of the most distinctive programs that the developers and developers have set a very high rating mark. :


It can change the voice from one gender to another, some applications may include this feature, which is changing a man’s voice into a mirror’s voice, the voice of a young child, the voice of a robot or an animal in addition to other different sounds that some applications support, but most of the time these changes do not appear. With high accuracy, it is just a clear imitation, but with the program to change the voice of a girl, you can change the voice from one sex to another, i.e. from a man's voice to a woman or vice versa, or a kitten's voice, etc., it will appear with high accuracy as a real voice and not at all.


Voice changer is considered one of the professional programs, the application in charge of the application decided to add many technologies that have high accuracy, quality and high efficiency at work, so this application appeared to us with this professional image that does not make anyone hear the sound that has been changed and does not suspect for a moment that It has been changed by one of the voice changing programs, and of course this is the most characteristic of the application, as it provides the feature of converting and changing the voice with high efficiency and professionalism.


The possibility of changing the voice in more than one way, you can change the speaker's voice in more than one way, where you can directly record the voice and then add some changes and add some effects to it, or you can use some audio files saved inside the phone, to change the voice of the speaker inside, and thus provide you with these The feature is the ability to add some effects to the audio files in more than one way.


Change the voice on social platforms, and you can also use the Voice Changer program on different social media platforms, where you can change the voice while sending some voice messages on the different social media platforms, which are the WhatsApp or Facebook platform in addition to Telegram or the IMO application and other applications Other social networking, and some live live audio clips can also be recorded and then you can share them with friends through social media platforms as well, and in the event that there is no Internet available, you can share the audio file with friends via Bluetooth and all this so that you have an atmosphere of fun and entertainment.


Download the program for Android


Download the program for iPhone


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