Download the WhatsApp Business application with a direct link 2021

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Download the WhatsApp Business application with a direct link 2021


Download WhatsApp Business for Android and iPhone with the latest direct link for free, download WhatsApp Business Whatsapp Business one of the best versions that Facebook has launched to serve as one of the important work tools for company owners and entrepreneurs in various fields, as Whatsapp Business enables you to use a number to work from Through it, and the other number of family, relatives and friends through the original WhatsApp application.


WhatsApp Business provides many advantages and additions, which are the ability to create a profile page for your business, so that customers can read it and learn about the mechanism of your company’s work, in addition to the automatic response feature in the event that you are not active on the platform as a way to respond to the customer at a later time, as The application saves you a lot of time and effort in reaching the customer, dealing and communicating with him much better than the WhatsApp Messenger platform.


Download the WhatsApp Business app for Android and iPhone


Download the WhatsApp Business program for iPhone and Android with a direct link for free. The latest version, the WhatsApp Business Application Apk is nothing but a good business tool that Facebook has added to act as an assistant for you to spread your business, and it can work side by side with the original WhatsApp version so that it runs Each copy has a different number from the other, to feel more privacy for your personal number, and to ensure that your customers are fully served with the business number.


The WhatsApp business number can be activated with a fixed landline number without the slightest problem, provided that a text message is sent to your phone number when a customer sends you any message to alert you.


In addition to the availability of the WhatsApp Business program completely free of charge, as there is no paid version of it or any purchase items, and its size is ideal and suitable for many different smartphones, just set its tools that we will talk about in more detail in the following paragraphs.


The features of the WhatsApp Business application, the latest version


Whatsapp Business is considered one of the most prominent tools that have appeared in the recent period and have proven successful, and this may be due to the following advantages: -


The size of WhatsApp for business is great and does not take up a large amount of smart phone space, so it is easy to download for any version of the different phone versions, whatever its capabilities.


It saves business owners and companies a great deal of time and effort in dealing with customers with great professionalism and in a tactful and interesting manner that attracts the customer.


The ratings feature makes the business owner know what happened in the buying and selling process between you, because of course you will not be able to remember the status of each customer, whether a customer has returned a commodity or the order is still on the way to it and so on.


The WhatsApp Business application provides many tools that help the user with the activity to manage his business faster, such as quick replies, welcome messages, automatic automatic messages, and other tools.


It supports many different languages ​​that designate all the owners of different activities in different countries of the world, but there is no specific setting to change the language, but rather it changes according to the default language of the phone.


The ability to run the WhatsApp Business application together with the original WhatsApp application with two different numbers.


Download for Android from the Play Store


Download for iPhone from Apple Store


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