Download the fruit splash game with the latest direct link for free

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Download the fruit splash game with the latest direct link for free

Download the fruit splash game for Android and iPhone with a direct link to the latest version for free via the Play Store and through the Apple Store. Download the famous fruit splash game. Despite the spread of fruit games on Android in the Google Play Store and the iPhone iPad on the App Store, the fruit splash game was able to be on top of these games. It has been downloaded millions of times by users on smartphone platforms. Where you see before your eyes that the game embodies you cutting and scattering the fruit as if you were holding a sharp knife in your hand.

The Fruit Splash game is considered one of the games that were classified as puzzle games. You think carefully about making lines in all directions in order to collect the largest possible number of similar fruits in one fell swoop and win the largest number of gold coins. Regarding the idea that it is a game of gas, you will inevitably remember the chess game full of puzzles and situations that need thinking before making a decision. As for the game we are talking about in this article, let's get to know it in detail.

Download the fruit splash game for Android and iPhone with the latest direct link

Download the Fruit Splash game for iPhone through the App Store and for Android through the Play Store for free. Latest version. Fruit Splash" gives you gifts every twenty-four hours. Here, you are presented with a schedule in which you learn about the current gift and the gifts that you will receive in the coming days.

Gifts vary between many currencies, which vary in number from day to day at random. You can get bombs to help you blow up the largest number of fruits. And also the manual shovel that also plays its role in removing a lot of fruits in the famous fruit game.

Features and characteristics of the latest update fruit splash game

The game is completely free and is considered a puzzle-like game and is suitable for all ages. Also, when you open the game at any time you want to play, you find in front of you a large elegant tree scattered on its trunk level numbers in the form of fruits. The fruit starts green at the levels it did not reach, but once a level is completed, the fruit turns orange as if it is ready to be picked. The game is distinguished by its many levels, and each level does not take much time. It knows the level at which you stop from the image of the rabbit you are standing at.

Fruits game is not satisfied with the daily prizes and gifts that it gives you while you play. But the game always seeks to increase the gifts that you can get through the rotating circle, which has an indicator that fixes a specific gift from a gift set presented on the circle when it is fixed after its rotation. Your first use of this circuit is free of charge. But then you pay for the coins that you get by completing the game levels. As you can see in the image above, the prizes and gifts vary from coins, colored star, necklace, hand plow, bomb and more. So let's try the rotating circle and test your luck.

Special missions are additional levels that you play to increase the game's currency to buy many items that are useful for you in the game. And you follow in these missions the same rule that you follow when you play the basic levels scattered on the trunk of the tree that we mentioned earlier. It collects the largest sequence of similar fruits by drawing a broken line that you can twist in all directions. Of course, you will not be able to connect two fruits that do not have any connection from any direction. These levels differ and vary in difficulty.


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