Download the full PES 2021 game for the computer directly

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Download the full PES 2021 game for the computer directly

Download the PES 2021 soccer game for the computer with a direct link to the latest version for free. Download the PES 2021 game for the computer with a direct link for free that supports the completion, the most famous game in the world where the baseball game 2021 contains the latest data and transfers of players and club lists, noting that the lists of some leagues will be updated after The current version of the game.

On this subject, we will get acquainted with the answer to the following question: Is PES or FIFA the best game in 2021. Where we have never witnessed intolerance and fever between any game and another, as we have seen, such as the one between the two PES games from Konami and the FIFA game from EA Sports Canadian, over the past years; Especially the past five years that competition has increased ferociously.

Download the PES 2021 soccer game for the computer with direct links

Download PES 2021 game with a direct link for free. The latest release Pro Evolution Soccer 2021 is the general name for the PES video game series, which was first released on October 25, 2001 under the name Japanese football, and which was later followed continuously on the PlayStation 1 PS1 platform Then the Playstation 2, and the development continued until now.

The funny thing is that Konami has given up the development and creation of all games for Windows and PlayStation PSP and is now creating games for mobile phones of the type of Android and IOS, but it has not abandoned its idea of ​​supporting and developing the game PES, why not and gufm fds 2021 leadership in this field. Where you can download the PES 2021 game for mobile through the following link: -

Generally, PES 2021 was released on September 15, 2020 for the Windows, PlayStation and Xbox platforms, and it was made available for demo download through the Steam platform. We have explained the Steam system before in terms of how to register and download in the FIFA game article that we previously mentioned at the beginning of the article, as well as You can visit the page to download from here.

The price of the PES 2021 game ranges between $ 30 for the standard version, and $ 35 for the licensed version in one club, and Softwat Plus offers you a discount on the PES 2021 game with a value of 20% through this link

If the discount coupon is stopped, then visit the page from time to time, as the discount is constantly renewed. As for the difference between the versions, here are the details: -

PES 2021 download features for the computer

Although the Corona pandemic hit the whole world at the beginning of 2020, technology companies have followed the path of development, but unfortunately the modest or fading development if the saying arises, as the development in FIFA 2021 appeared very weak and disappointing and made that company give gifts issuance Coming in the event of buying the new version 2021, it was the same thing in PES 2021.

which appeared somewhat disappointing, but it became more realistic in some matters, PES 2021 can be described as an update or amendment in the PES 2020 game, and during the next lines we will present the most prominent features that have been created In Pace 2021.

Passing, we can say that scrolling in the baseball game 2021 has been very much modernized than before and has become more realistic, and we can say that it is unparalleled in previous versions and in other games such as FIFA with great esteem.

Photography and display, one of the most beautiful things added in PES 2021 is the display and the camera, which has become a lot of realism, in highlighting the ball holder and the graphic dimension of the game, as if you are watching a real live match.

The output angles of the camera as well as the reality, also the replay cameras have also become very wonderful, and this is among what the PES game has developed.

Also, the flexibility and style of kicking and skating have been developed and become more realistic than before, and some strange mechanical movements of the players that were occurring in previous versions such as falling players and passing a player's hand from another player's body have faded away.

Graphics, there were a lot of updates and developments that we talked about in the display and the camera and we praised them, but unfortunately, whoever plays Pes 2020, there will be no difference between it and the modern game, as if you are playing a replica game, in the players ’movements have not changed and the methods of running and celebrations are simple, unlike FIFA, which paid much attention to mass celebrations, and some timidly added hairdos.

There has been no change in the votes, especially the voice of the commentators, but there has appeared in the current update a harmony between the voices of fans and commentators that makes you face a match that is more like the real thing. The funny thing is that the PES 2021 game has allowed playing without a simulated audience of world events in the conditions of the Corona pandemic.


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