Download the game Among US directly link to the latest version

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Download the game Among US directly link to the latest version


Download the Amoung S game for Android, iPhone and computer with a direct link for free. The AMONG S game is the best choice when we think of a game that can be shared with friends, as it is characterized by being a game of sharing, excitement and suspense.


It is also one of the light games that can be downloaded on the computer or on the mobile phone, the game is based on the presence of a killer among a certain number of players and you must know who the criminal is and if you discover him you win the game, here we will learn in this article about everything related AMONG S game from the beginning you know it, its advantages and disadvantages and the method of downloading it until the most common questions related to it


Download the Amoung S game for Android, iPhone and computer, the latest update


Download the Among S game for free for the computer, iPhone and Android latest version with direct links for free through the Play Store and through the Apple Store.


What is the AMONG S game for computer and phone?


The game is classified under the excitement, action and suspense games, as it is one of the most important games in this category.


The player finds himself among a large group of players, whether they are his friends or regular people playing the game, the game is all located inside a ship in space.


Among all the players, there is only one player who is the enemy or the criminal, this player seeks only one goal, which is to get rid of all the players on the ship, and here comes the role of the other players who must be searched for and killed.


The game was also named after the criminal or the killer due to the presence of the enemy who seeks to kill and kill all players, and the main goal of the game, which may show the player's intelligence, is that he can hide without the rest of the players knowing that he is the enemy.


The player's game method is arranged according to his role in the game. If his role is to be the enemy, then he must hide well and not carry out any attack in front of other players, but if he is a regular player, then the player must cooperate with the work team so that he knows with them who the enemy is and also to avoid dying And losing the role.


Features of the Among S game for computer, Android and iPhone


The game can be played on a computer, laptop or mobile phone as it is well suited to all operating systems or types of devices.


It is very small in size and can be loaded without ever having to worry about space.


Supports many languages, whether it is English, Spanish, Chinese and many other languages.


It has a very simple interface that can be handled with simplicity and ease even if you are new to playing it.


Because there is a spirit of rivalry between the players, your feeling of boredom is an impossible thing that you cannot feel once you play among us.


Through the game you can make many friends.


The idea of ​​the game is that there are many tasks that you must complete to improve your level.


The game does not consume any resources from the device, whether it is a computer or a mobile phone, so do not worry about that at all.


Among the S game, its wonderful design and graphics are some of the best graphics that you will love when playing the game.


The game does not consume a lot of your battery, so you can play it comfortably for as long as possible.


You can chat with your friends in the game.


You can vote against any dubious gamer in the game.


Among the fast, this sleep game is never likely to stop suddenly.


From time to time, the game developers update it to ensure a better level of play for players while fixing any bugs that may exist in the program and adding many features.


You can enter competitions and challenges that happen every period and through which you can upgrade your level in the game or gain more experience.



Download for Android from the Play Store


Download for iPhone from Apple Store


Download for PC


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