Download the game Cars 3 real racing with a direct link for free

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Download the game Cars 3 real racing with a direct link for free

Download the 3 real racing car game for Android and iPhone directly from the Play Store and from the Apple Store. The new 3 real racing game, which is one of the best car games that has met with great demand from all age groups in the game, suits all ages>

as well as the game has many features that made it the top of car racing games Where the game has been downloaded from more than 100 million times, whether from the Google Play Store or from the App Store, and the game real racing 3 is designed to suit all fans of downloading games on mobile phones.

The game is characterized by realism, it is professionally designed, real colors, and realistic cars, so you feel that you are driving a car in a real race, which distinguishes the game from its car racing games counterparts.

Download the car game 3 real racing for Android and iPhone

Download the car game 3 real racing for iPhone and Android, the latest version with a direct link for free. The game provides all kinds of racing cars that make you choose the best car for you in all its true colors and details.

The game is characterized by permanent and free development as those in charge of developing the game always strive for excellence and achievement and continue to be at the forefront of games and increase the number of game users and raise its potential so that players do not feel bored or lack of new.

How to control the car by means of several control programs

The first control is known as the Talit A, which is a simple control of the brake, engine and stopping of the car is very simple and may not suit many players.

The second type followed the B, which is a type that fits all categories, as it is a flexible type, as the car can be controlled left and right with the movement of the phone.

The third type is to control the screen left and right or by pressing on the right of the screen, you will see many screen options.

The fourth type, known as the FLBD, is similar to the third type in some wishes because it is more rapid.

Download features of the new 3 real racing game for Android and iPhone

Downloading the game on your mobile phone, whether it is Android or iPhone, has many features that make it distinguished, leading the largest number in the number of game downloads, and its advantages are:

The game has more than 30 racing cars that you can choose between them, and this is what you do not find in other games that are similar to Reel Racing 3, and the competition in it is fierce and strong.

The game has more than 17 tracks for running, so you can choose the right track for you.

The game simulates reality in terms of road design and curves closer to realism, as well as the professionalism of the game design, as well as the clarity of the sound, colors and quality of the game, which makes you run the race without worrying about any of the game's potential

You can play with other players by communicating with the Internet and collecting the players you want to play with and see the spectrum of the race stomach closer to reality and the competition is real where you can win gold and money inside the game that enables you to buy or develop new cars or buy a new engine that can control the colors>

 speed or movement of the car The more times you win and the points you score, the greater your chance to win modern developments and become stronger and stronger, and the game opens up new features and capabilities for you that make you play more professionally.

Download the game for free and it has a lot of levels that you need to pass to win the race. The game has many ideas and missions that make more interesting and never get bored of the game.


Download the game for Android


Download the game for iPhone


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