Download the game Horizon Chase cars direct link for free

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Download the game Horizon Chase cars direct link for free


Download the Horizon Chase car game for Android and iPhone with a direct link to the latest version for free. The latest version, Download Horizon Chase game, a large number of racing games have been found in online stores related to the Google Play store. We found that many racing game fans are looking for the best games to play on their phones in a very fun way.


We all know that the history of racing games is an endless love story for everyone, especially for kids who love these games when they are fun. We have entered many great games on the Arab Soft site, but today there will be different people discussing a unique and wonderful game, which contains many wonderful things, which makes it one of the best games.


This game is developed for the users who love racing and speed games. It is a realistic game with Victorian cartoon graphics, simpler than other games in the same genre. The aim of this game is to simulate your old racing games with simpler graphics and easy-to-control style, the game has already won many awards and is recognized as one of the best racing games for smartphones.


Download the Horizon Chase game for Android and iPhone with a direct link, a new update


Download the Horizon Chase car game for Android and iPhone with the latest direct link for free, which allows you to choose from 34 different cars, allowing you to race in different environments, such as New York, Texas. Contests are held in the streets and ice fields of Sri Lanka. In a competition, you will participate in competitions in 55 cities. To avoid boredom, you can participate in the hacking game Horizon Chase, and it is possible to challenge your friends online to competitions online.


One of the successes of the latest version of the racing game Horizon Chase is the high-quality graphics of the game, as it was designed in the Victorian era, but it has very high accuracy in the game environment, cars, lines ... etc. The game targets people of all ages. Young people and adults can play or compete with friends online or “random people”, and they can also participate in international competitions and challenges.


Horizon Chase is available for free on the play store, on the Google Play app, or on our Android app with a direct link, but only the black version of Horizon Chase is available. You don't need to buy anything from the game store, all stages are open, you can use cars with unlimited money. In the process of buying cars and developing current cars to participate in competitions and to outperform competitors.


Features of Horizon Chase download for Android and iPhone, the new update


The feature of the game is the race that has Victorian cartoon graphics and it is less realistic than other games.


The game simulates an old classic racing game, with simple graphics and control functions.


The game is characterized by having many prizes and becoming one of the best racing games.


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