Download the game Mafia City with the latest direct link, for free

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Download the game Mafia City with the latest direct link, for free


Download the Mafia City game for Android and iPhone with a direct link for free through the Play Store and through the Apple Store. For all lovers of mafia games, gangster adventures and crime risks, enjoy now to download Mafia City game on your mobile device.


In order to enjoy living the life of a gang member in three different eras of organized crime in the history of the United States of America to witness the development of the mafia movement in the country, and to enjoy carrying out the backward criminal missions in order to obtain more financial rewards.


Download the Mafia City game for Android and iPhone directly


Download the Mafia City game for iPhone and Android for free from the App Store and the Play Store. Mafia City is considered one of the best action and fighting games for the year 2020, 2K Games for the development of games has launched a distinctive package of Mafia City that combines the three versions of its famous game, Mafia, where You can now enjoy the three versions of the game together, and enjoy a wide range of criminal missions that you must perform in order to obtain variable financial rewards, in a world of excitement and suspense that the world of organized crime rages on.


The events of the three versions of the Mafia game take place in three different and prominent eras of illegal activity in the United States, allowing to monitor the evolution of the world of organized crime and follow the entire story from scratch, starting from the 1930s in the first edition, through the 1940's and 1950's in the second edition. , Right up to the 1960s in the latest edition.


Features of downloading the Mafia City game for Android and iPhone


Although there are many fighting and mafia games, the Mafia City game package has a special place among the rest of the action games, as it is loved by many users around the world, thanks to many features, such as:


Newly developed: 2k Games developed versions of the game upon the release of the Mafia City game package this year, to ensure that it keeps up with the latest technology in designing and modern game tactics, in addition to making it available on all platforms.


Distinguished story building: This package introduces you to mafia crimes over forty years of daring criminal acts, as each version features a distinct and unique story, which increases the clarity of the missions and the excitement of the game greatly.


Various missions: The Mafia City game package features a variety of required missions, there are individual and team missions, there are difficult missions, easy missions, and many more.


Realistic designs: Mafia City has distinctive and realistic designs, as well as audio and visual effects that increase the excitement and suspense of the game, as you feel like you are really on the battlefield.


Download the game for Android


Download the game for iPhone


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