Download the game My Town 2021 with a direct link for free

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Download the game My Town 2021 with a direct link for free


Download the My Town game for Android and iPhone with a direct link from the Apple Store and from the Play Store Android latest version with the new update. Downloading the My Town Best Friend's House Apk game represents real fun for your child, as it is one of the famous My Town games that met with peerless success upon its launch On the official smart phone stores, as it unleashes your child's imagination to invent stories and create a scenario and a complete life with a group of cartoon characters.


We have talked before on My Town, the family home, now we will talk about another part, which is the presence of the child in the house of one of his closest friends. See what will happen when he has the opportunity to go alone to his best friend. Of course, he will enjoy many group friends ’games and stay with his parents for dinner, as well as Ability to sleep with him.


Also, downloading my town, the house of friends, gives the child the opportunity to interact with pets such as dogs, cats, hamsters and other animals available in the friend's house, and the My Town Friends house game has been classified as an educational game for young children as it improves their cognitive and mental skills. The game is through Google Play and App Store, but it is a paid game that must be paid 16 EGP, but you can get it for free by clicking on the link below the topic in the Apk format.


Download the My Town Friend's House game for Android and iPhone


Download the My Town Friends House game, with a direct link for iPhone and Android, the latest update from the Play Store and from the App Store. The My Town Friends House game is one of the popular paid My Town games launched by My Town Games and you have never imagined the success this game has achieved and the extent of its positive impact on All children over the age of three years, it is one of the educational games that have been put on official stores since 2017 as one of the twenty-eight parts of the game, but it is one of the paid games, which requires payment of a sum of 16 Egyptian pounds only once in order to enjoy it mada Life.


This version is about the presence of your child in the house of one of his close friends, the same mechanism of play in the previous version of the family home, which depends on obtaining gifts and daily prizes so that if you do not visit the game daily, you will not be able to get the gift that you missed in addition to searching for red hearts in all Around the house and inside the stairs, and the house consists of many members of this friend's family, in addition to the availability of many organized and completely different rooms in terms of furnishings and order from the previous part, but one of the most distinctive things in this version is the sleeping couch in the friend's room in case parents allow For the child overnight at the friend, the sofa is clicked to open as a bed and the child will sleep on it.


My Town Friends' House creates a kind of cognitive development for the child in terms of playing with pets, getting to know, the manner of dealing, the basics of talking inside the house of others, how to ask permission and enter the rooms of the people of the house with an account, all this can be for the mother and father to share and teach the child during play, fun and entertainment inside the friend’s house The game also provides a very good feature, which is the multi-touch feature, which is useful in the event that more than one person wants to play, meaning that the child and his real companion can hold the phone or tablet together and choose each of them a character to represent him inside the game and then start playing, having fun, moving and talking Inside a friend's room full of different games.


It is worth noting that downloading My Town Home of Friends Apk also enjoy the feature to keep the last thing you did inside it, that is, when you move any cartoon character inside the game and leave it in one of the rooms or who you have covered it with a certain robe and who left it in its place and other things when you close the game and reopen it you will find Everything is exactly as you left it, as this game enables the child to customize a new story every time he opens the game for more fun, excitement and suspense.


Features and features of downloading the My Town Friends House game


My Town Friends' House is one of the educational games, as it got the satisfaction of a large number of mothers and fathers because of the useful and distinctive game they found in it, it is not only for entertainment and a waste of time, but it is one of the important games that include many advantages and that made the programmer company launch a whole series It consists of 28 parts, with each part in a different place, and among the most prominent features that this game includes are: -


Dinner parties and barbecues, one of the most prominent advantages that you will have after downloading the My Town game Friends 'House is the establishment of barbecues and barbecues on the terrace of the friends' house, which increases the fun and happiness inside the house where the mother appears in front of a large meat grill in a large balcony while she sits on a chair while The smoke of the grilled meat is flying, which suggests the realism of the event. Let your child imagine the scene according to his own vision. Let his friend invite him to attend the preparation event to add more joy in the game.


Receive gifts on a daily basis, through the child's practice of this more than wonderful game, he can receive many prizes and rewards on a daily basis, but if the child fails to enter the game one day, he will not be able to retrieve the gift that he missed, and this thing is considered my motivation in order to enter the child Daily to get his daily reward.


Hearts collection, a small gift box appears in the scene at the top of the screen, which is the collection of red hearts inside, where a strip of empty hearts appears, all you have to do is roam the house and open the drawers and search inside everything in order to get the red hearts so that the child can find any One of them must be clicked in order to enter it into the red hearts collection box.


It contains many clothes, among the most important advantages of the My Town Friends House game is that it contains different wardrobes and appears as if it is hung on a mannequin inside elegant-shaped wardrobes, in order to change and switch as you like, the main purpose of this game is to try to simulate reality in terms of Daily life matters such as changing clothes, eating, cooking, sleeping, playing and having fun, in addition to many other different and distinct things.


It does not contain any advertising materials, just like the My Town game, the house of friends, like many paid games that do not include at all any annoying advertising materials, as well as this helps to leave the game in the hands of your child without fear or concern about the emergence of many advertising materials unfiltered Which may not suit his age group.


The overnight chair, one of the most additions that has been added to this game, which is considered from my point of view more than wonderful, is the possibility of opening the overnight chair for the child to sleep next to his friend, or the child sleeps next to her friend, as there is in the close friend’s room a bed next to a sofa after clicking on her lower arm It will turn into a bed and then the child can sleep on it next to his friend, which is one of the most distinctive things in this part of the game.


Download the game for Android


Download the game for iPhone


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