Download the game Room and a Half 2021 with a direct link

Download the game Room and a Half 2021 with a direct link


Download the game Room and a Half 2021 with a direct link


Download Room and a Half game for Android and iPhone with the latest direct link for free. Download the Room And a Half Apk. game that makes you a unique person because it is mainly based on developing mental abilities and intellectual skills, but is full of fun and humor, as it contains cartoon shapes within an interesting story And wonderful, all you have to do is solve the mystery of each scene of the story within the game Room And Half, which increases the factors of fun and excitement, as it attracts children and young people because of its high-quality graphics and different stories.


And when you download a room and a text, you will find that it consists of many stages of about 20 stages, the stage begins in an easy and simple way and tasks that do not require high skills of concentration and intelligence, and then gradually increase in difficulty until it reaches a degree that needs higher concentration and strong intuition, but Be careful not to lose because you only have 3 failed attempts. After that, the game ends and you have to start from the beginning again, and thus you will lose all the points you got.


After installing the game, you will find three hearts telling you that you (Fathoul) whenever you win a level or pass a stage successfully, and they laugh and call you the word (either to minister) in case you failed in the stage and could not skip it, and it is worth noting that all of these stages tell one novel from several scenes and parts So that you can be curious to complete it and win in all levels to follow the end of the story, so it is one of the puzzle and intelligence games that you will definitely need to spend quality time with your children in a useful game.


Download Room And a Half 2021 for Android and iPhone, the latest version


Download a game room and text for iPhone and Android with a direct link to the latest version from the Play Store and from the Apple Store last update 2021. The puzzle and intelligence game Room and text is one of the most famous games launched by the famous and ranked first-ranked party poopers in the world in the field of programming intelligence and entertainment games. The game has been around since 2018, and when it succeeded and demanded to download it, many users launched another part of it in an advanced and more accurate way, so that its users could enjoy higher fun, excitement and stronger suspense.


And I decided to put it up for free so that everyone has an enjoyable time in front of it without the need to pay exorbitant fees to get it, and has provided a copy for many operating systems of smartphones and tablets, as it works efficiently on Android and iOS systems as well, and does not require downloading high-potential devices at all. And it does not consume the resources of phones even if you forgot to turn it off and left it unintentionally in the back, and it also does not work on the consumption and depletion of battery power, so it is safe and light on devices even that its size is reasonable and appropriate and does not take up much of the internal space of the devices.


The Room And a Half game also supports two main languages, Spanish and Arabic, and you can add more languages ​​if you wish by clicking on the globe, which contributed to the spread of the game among users around the world significantly, as it does not need An internet connection to use and entertain it, as it includes many advantages that made it applauded by a large group of users, and this is clearly evident from their comments on official stores, and perhaps thanks to the programmed company that introduces many improvements and developments from time to time Other to satisfy everyone.


It also does not contain any advertising materials, although it is free, but this matter is not in the accounts of the programmed company at all because the goal of the offering in the first and the last does not have any profit or material goals, but it suffices to obtain the satisfaction and approval of a large group of users, in addition to As it does not include complex settings, but rather contains simple and easy tools to control it from the inside, it gives the player opportunities to lose in order to complete from where he left off, and after these opportunities have been exhausted, he must start from the first, and it also contains great sound effects that take the user to the story more Realistic as if he is one of its characters, and of course it includes a huge number of features that we will list in detail later.


Features and features of downloading Room And a Half for Android and iPhone


The apk room and text game is characterized by many advantages that made the company offer a second part of it unusually in many puzzle and intelligence games that only one copy or part was presented, as well as its wonderful technical settings that make it far from any problems or errors during playing In addition to many other advantages that are characterized by the following:


It consists of many levels, one of the best things about this game is that it includes many stages that reach twenty levels or stages ranging in terms of ease to the most difficult and vary and vary to activate in each puzzle a certain sense within you, either the development of mental skills or intelligence abilities and speed Intuition or control, focus, remembering and other senses and other skills, which makes downloading an Apk room game and text interesting and useful at the same time, which is the desired and main goal of its launch.


It contains great sound effects, among the advantages that you will enjoy while playing is the inclusion of a room and text on wonderful sound effects as it makes the characters within the game talk and engage in conversation, so that you are affected and enter the game's story to feel as if you are one of those characters and that you are one of the scene , And you can control it through the settings in terms of start or stop.


Supports many languages, one of the things that contributed to the spread of the game room and text among many users around the world is its support for many different languages ​​so that each user can enjoy the game and understand everything inside it, whether the settings or the language spoken by the cartoon characters within the game In the language they belong to and understand, but at first it only supports Arabic and Spanish.


Download the game for Android


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