Download the game Score Hero with the latest direct link

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Download the game Score Hero with the latest direct link


Download the Score Hero game for Android and iPhone, with the latest direct link, for free from the Play Store and from the Apple Store Store. Download the Score Hero Apk game, the latest update is now available for download on Android and iPhone, so that football fans can download the soccer hero and install it on the phone for enjoyment By going into football matches the round witch that the game enables you to be one of its players.


It is very similar to the Playstation and FIFA games, but with relatively different tasks and basics, as you choose the shape of the player that represents you within the game and then choose his clothes and the country to which you belong, and the Score Hero game consists of many levels that exceed 240 levels in addition to many levels Additional, and as usual when you download the game, you can start using the easy stages that you will win in order to stimulate the completion and then the difficulty begins gradually.


The game's tasks differ from one level to another, for example, the Score Hero game in one of the levels may require you to score a certain number of goals with your head, or you pay a certain number of goals with penalty kicks and other tasks that are similar to that, and you have to do it in the level In order to get some virtual gold coins, by collecting a large number of them, you can develop your player character.


And charge his energy from time to time, when the player loses his energy as soon as you are defeated in a match, it will not be charged again until about 17 minutes have passed, and by installing the Score Hero game on the phone, you can buy some virtual currencies with real money, and you can also buy continuous energy For a period of 24 hours, no matter what your player is defeated, he will not lose it, and it is worth noting that this game is freely available and does not need any subscription or money in order to obtain it, and you do not need devices with high capabilities in order to enjoy it, as well as many other benefits that we will list In more detail later.


Download the score hero game for Android and iPhone, with a direct link


Download the Score Hero game for iPhone and Android, the latest version for free, with a direct link, latest update 2021, the idea of ​​the game revolves around a novice young man who wants to enter the world of football to take the coach in his hand to the path of professionalism, and the game consists of several stages, each stage contains 20 levels, each level is the coach It trains you optimally in order to be able to enter the big matches.


In the first level, the player starts training from scratch about passing the ball towards the net to show you an arrow connected from the player's foot to the opponent's net, all you have to do is click on the player's foot and insert the direction of the ball by touching the screen towards the net and then let Score Hero start whenever you can Aim the ball towards the net and you score the goal, the more stars you get and you can reach the next level.


After that, you will start passing exercises to the other players inside the Score Hero game on the soccer field. You keep repeating and passing the ball to your teammate until the ball reaches his foot and then pass a line connecting the ball of your teammate to the opponent's net trying to score.


After the achievement of each goal, the match commentator is suspended with the goal being re-scored with shots recorded from different angles to feel like you are a real player on the field, and it is worth noting that you can score the goal with the head or foot or touch it by legal methods of the game or by choosing some professional acrobatic movements such as Double cake or back flip and other methods of playing.


After you have obtained many virtual money, you can add some modifications to your player, by clicking on the old Score Hero game store in order to change the player's hair, T-shirt color and number, and you can add a beard and mustache to him or choose a text sleeve or even a sleeve You can change the shoes, which increases the excitement and suspense inside the game.


It is worth noting that when you finish each stage, you must have a certain number of stars, and at each stage new horizons are opened for your player, as it is completely different from the beginning to the middle of the levels to become a member of the football teams.


 and each level has specific tasks that you must follow in order to Getting the required number of stars, such as the goal-scoring method, the number of ball passes to your teammates, or hitting the ball with your head, a certain number of strikes and other tasks that each level requires.


Features of the Score Hero game


Football Score Hero includes many different advantages that made it one of the most famous football games, as a large number of Android and iPhone users have downloaded it on their phones for more fun, excitement and excitement as it is suitable for all beginners because it goes with them step by step As well as many other benefits that are as follows:


The score hero apk sets a goal in front of you that must be obtained, which is a minimum of one star, up to three stars that you must reach within the match in order to obtain many virtual coins that enable you to buy different haircuts or choose different t-shirts of number and color as well as buy Player power and much more.


After you get many stars through ball passes and entering the ball into the opponent's networks, you will be chosen to enter and professionalize in many different clubs that you love, such as Chelsea, Real Madrid or other English clubs that you love, in order to become one of the famous football stars such as Mohamed Salah and Messi. And other famous players, which may motivate you to challenge and continue playing within the game Hero.


It contains high-quality graphics and very good technical graphics, as the application developer used 3D technology that makes you feel as if you are in front of a real match you are one of its heroes, in terms of the bright green stadium, the shape of the players, the methods of passing and hitting the ball towards the net and other subtle details that won the game Fun and exciting atmosphere.


The goal of the Score Hero Apk game is to cultivate the ability to challenge and develop in the character of the player that represents you by focusing on determining the goal of hitting the ball and aiming it in the right direction, as well as strengthening the spirit of competition in reaching many levels and skipping them and obtaining stars that work to collect gold coins Virtualization.


When clicking on the player’s picture and the number of stars, everything related to the player will appear in terms of the number of stars he won, the country to which he belongs, his name, the color of the shirt and his number in addition to the name of the club to which he belongs at the present time and the medals that his team has also won.


One of the most prominent advantages of the Score Hero game is that the game replays the passing shots that were made until the ball entered the opponent's net, from several angles so that you can be proud of what you did through the pass of your player to his teammates or you direct the ball to The network, which makes you almost see a real match on TV.


The game can be stopped at any time by clicking on the pause button, and then you can return to the game without losing anything, or you can enter the settings button to adjust some things or close the match and start from the first and the new.


The Ascor Hero game consists of a very large number of stages and each stage consists of 20 levels that you must skip all in order to reach the next level and this creates an atmosphere of challenge and love to skip the stage in order to explore the next stage, as each stage you will find in it something new and a new pass .


It contains many sound effects that make you inside the atmosphere of the game to feel as if you are inside a real match, from the voice of the fans and the sound of ball passes to the voice of your fellow players and other sounds and other effects that make you feel very excited while playing.


Download for Android from the Play Store


Download for iPhone from Apple Store


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