Download the latest Telegram program with a direct link for free

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Download the latest Telegram program with a direct link for free


Download the Telegram application with the latest direct link for free for Android, iPhone and computer, download the Telegram program, the latest update for free with a direct link for the computer and mobile, which many users have sought to download Telegram as an alternative to the WhatsApp application and many have confirmed that it is considered an advanced version that includes many settings and other additions Available within the WhatsApp platform in all its versions, and Telegram gives you a great deal of privacy during messaging, as many users have confirmed that this application is more like a dual application that combines the advantages of social networking applications with group or private messaging applications.


The Telegram platform is considered one of the more practical platforms, as most of the owners of goods and products who seek to promote them use this application as it is more practical and widespread than WhatsApp, but many users who love easy communication applications do not want to work with it.


But it can be said that installing the Telegram application on smartphones enables you to send many documents and files that include pictures, videos or music clips faster than any other communication application, so whatever its size will reach the other party, and suffice it to say that it is a free program available on stores Securely official, and does not support annoying advertising materials, and it is also suitable for working on many smartphones with different operating systems according to many languages, and of course all of these things contributed to the spread of the Telegram on a very wide scale.


Download the Telegram application for Android, iPhone and computer 


Downloading the Telegram program is considered one of the most popular social media applications in the world, and this platform was established since 2013 in the form of a joint stock company by the Russian brothers Nikolaf and Pavel Durov, and the aim at the beginning of the application was to communicate between many users and not for profit at all, The brothers took the headquarters of this company from Berlin and remained there until 2015 AD, and then moved to another location due to the failure of the residence procedures for the founders of the company. Users to 35 million from around the world.


Statistics confirmed that at the end of this year the number reached 50 million, and this symbolizes the joining of more than one million weekly users, and in 2016 the number of users reached 350,000 per day, at a rate of 100 million users per month. One million users, and in 2018 it reached 200 million users who join the platform on a monthly basis, and statistics also confirmed that during 2019, nearly 3 million users joined Telegram per day.


No one knows until now the reason for this large torrent of subscribers who have been increasing since 2013 AD to the present time, and it may be due to the multiple advantages of the application, the most important of which is the cleaning of read text messages, which include media that may increase the size of the application on the device, in addition to To the security and privacy features that Telegram enjoys without other applications.


Features of the latest update of the new Telegram program v6.1.1


1. The Telegram attachment menu for animated icons has been redesigned.


2. More than 20,000 posters created by the world's best graphic artists added.


3- Adding modern explanations and test counters for questions.


4. A competition worth 400,000 euros was added to establish educational tests.


5. New improvements have been added for the application to be compatible with Wear OS.


6. Many modern patterns have been added which include cool patterns and gradient colors.


7. Activate the night mode feature with the ability to disable it and return to the light mode.


8. You can choose the resolution of the images sent to others before they are worried to send them.


9. Many problems were discovered in the application and programmers have worked to fix them in the new version.



Download the program for Android from the Play Store


Download the program for iPhone from the Apple Store


Downloadthe program for the computer


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