Download the latest version Messenger Lite application with a direct link

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Download the latest version Messenger Lite application with a direct link


Download Messenger Lite for Android and iPhone with a direct link to the latest version of an updated version for weak devices, download Messenger Lite on Android phones and on iPhone phones, Messenger Lite application is the best alternative to the main Facebook Messenger application, Facebook launched the Messenger Lite application a few months ago for old phones And old Android versions.


Messenger Lite includes all the features and features of the main Messenger application, but it has some features such as data saving mode to save data and package capacity, as well as dark mode or night mode to make the application dark black, you can respond to messages, voice calls and video calls naturally through Messenger Lite .


Download the latest version of Messenger Lite for Android and iPhone


Download the Messenger Lite application for Android and iPhone, the latest version with a direct link to vulnerable phones, the Facebook Lite application, you can reply to messages through it, but it does not have voice and video calls, so if you want to use the free voice or video calls feature from Messenger you must download Messenger Lite on your Android or iPhone mobile phone.


Download Messenger Lite for Android and iPhone features, direct link


Download Messenger Lite is 100% free without paying any money from the Google Play Store for Android phones or the App Store for iPhone phones.


Messenger Lite download size is very light and it does not take up much internal phone space.


Messenger Lite does not consume RAM or RAM, so it is light on mobile and suitable for old devices.


Messenger Lite does not consume battery like the main Facebook Messenger app, the app is programmed to conserve battery and power.


Messenger Lite does not need an Internet speed to use it, the application works at the lowest Internet connection speed, the application is suitable for the packages.


Messenger Lite is very similar to the main Messenger app and has all the basic features and features.


Messenger Lite application provides the package capacity due to the data saving system to download images with the lowest quality, as well as audio and video calls with the lowest quality to preserve the package and Internet capacity.


Messenger Lite application is compatible with all languages, most notably Arabic, English and French.


You can reply to messages easily through Messenger Lite with the ability to record voice messages and send them to your friends.


The latest sticker packs have been added to Messenger Lite in the latest update, so you can download it and use it to reply to messages.


You can use the main and front camera of the phone to take pictures from within the application and send them to anyone quickly.


Easy switching between accounts in Messenger Lite through the switch accounts page in the application settings.


Free voice and video calls feature in Messenger Lite, and you can create a group voice or video chat with a large number of people at the same time.


The ability to send text files or pdf files to anyone through Messenger Lite, this feature has been recently added.


A complete list of active people you have in your friends list to communicate with them, and you can also know when they last appeared on the Messenger application.


The ability to block any annoying person through Messenger Lite, and you can also follow message requests at the top of the application.


Message search feature for easy access to old messages between you and your friends.


Messenger Lite application is constantly updated to add some new features in every update from Facebook.


Download for Android from the Play Store


Download for iPhone from Apple Store


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