Download the latest version YouTube Kids application with a direct link

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Download the latest version YouTube Kids application with a direct link

Download YouTube for children latest version with a direct link to Android and iPhone, the YouTube Kids app for Android is the best important application that is suitable for all children and all different ages of children.


It presents to all children in a distinctive way a lot of specialized videos in the field of children in a very wonderful way. Any child, regardless of his age, can watch this large group of children's videos, which you will find here on YouTube. Children only All the funny, cartoon and comic videos All this you will find here On YouTube, children are constantly enjoying the excitement and fun that children find here in this application.


Download the YouTube Kids app for Android and iPhone with a direct link 

Download the YouTube program for children for free, the latest version, one of the most important and best specialized applications in the field of children. Every day, it offers a large collection of long and short videos that any child can watch, and he will enjoy much of the pleasure that he finds from watching these clips, children can discover a group Great of the best videos they are looking for from hilarious cartoon comic videos.


Which will make all the children who will see it enjoy it with enough of the great importance that you find in the application specializing in displaying all things related to children so that we give all children a suitable environment for it so that they are very much contained here on this application, you will discover a lot of children's interests From the videos that they like you find here, be sure to download and install the application through a direct download link. Download the YouTube Kids App for Android. This link will help you download the application and use it through it with great speed and ease. You can find here in this download.


Features and characteristics of the YouTube Kids app


The application is full of many features that you will find here on YouTube children. Every child can fully find everything he wants from all the videos specialized in the field of children, which will be displayed here on the application in a fast and simple way.


 Any child can watch any video he wants to watch he will find Here, as he can search for everything he wants through the search engine, all children will have a very enjoyable experience that is safer than the distinction they get in watching all the videos online. All they need is a good internet connection in order to be able to watch all the clips that They want to see it from all the cartoon characters, and the application designers here offer many advantages for the protection systems here from not showing any of the videos that are not suitable for children.


It also allows all parents to enter to leave their appropriate comments and suggestions on this content presented here from all other videos, you will be able to customize the experience that your child makes and watch the videos that you will allocate to him from the application from here in a wonderful and excellent way in customizing a large group From these videos so that he can watch them every day and are suitable for him.


Be sure to download the application through a direct download link found here only YouTube Kids. You can install it through this direct link on any smartphone you use. Here you can create and enter all files and set favorites from the videos that the child will watch later, and you can also create Eight profiles for the child and you are completely safe by entering them all that they see the child at the time specified to him.


To download the application for Android from the Play Store


To download the application for iPhone from the Apple Store


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