Download the toon cup 2020 soccer game with direct link

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Download the toon cup 2020 soccer game with direct link


Download the Toon Cup soccer game, the latest free update for Android and iPhone, with a direct link. The best games of Cup Toon Cartoon Network, as football fans are very many around the world, and fans of playing football on phones are very numerous.


Therefore, this version of the wonderful cartoon soccer game that consists of cartoon network characters that children must have, so Toon Cup is a football game for young children from the category of cartoon lovers and cartoon characters, where the game gives you the formation of your own team in order to enter into many From tournaments.


Your team consists of a captain and 2 players in addition to the fact that all the characters in the game include famous cartoon characters such as Ben Ten and the Powerpuff Girls in addition to Bemo, Gumball and other characters that you can choose your team from, in addition to downloading the Toon Cup Soccer game satisfies your child's desires In taking his talent out for the game of soccer instead of taking to the streets.


As it takes you to the world of football tournaments, you can choose the country you want to represent after installing the game and from the most famous countries that you can play for the Arab Republic of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Tunisia and Morocco as well as African countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, Burkina Faso, Congo and other countries Other.


Download the game toon cup 2020 for Android and iPhone directly link


Download the Toon Cup 2020 Football Network game with a direct link for iPhone and Android from the Play Store and from the Apple Store with free direct links, Toon Cup is one of the football games that Cartoon Network EMEA has launched since 2018 as one of the games Simulating the Arabic Network Channel.


 because it used all the characters of this channel within the game due to its effect inside the hearts of children, and that the child can choose whatever he wants from them to form his team, which consists of a team captain and 2 players.


One of the most distinctive features of KaSton is that it supports a large number of languages, especially Arabic and other languages, and it is one of the light games of appropriate size for many phones and smart devices, and it works efficiently on Windows computers through Popular Android Emulators, which are also available on official smart phone stores, can be obtained for free without having to pay any financial fees to download them.


The child can compete in many tournaments or can play in a quick match that consists of only a minute and a half, all your task is to score the largest number of goals during this period of time, or you can enter many quarter-final tournaments to reach the final tournaments with a team It consists of 3 cartoon characters that the child can choose as he wishes, and the tournament consists of many consecutive matches of 3 games, which the player must pass all of them to win the Toon Cup at the end of the tournament and be promoted by the name of the country that you have chosen to represent you and your team in the tournament.


It is worth noting that the original Cas Toon game monitors the list of the leading teams in a special board inside the game, and it contains many different cartoon characters, some of which are open and can be chosen easily and others are closed with a lock that cannot be chosen nor used except in exchange for specific virtual gold coins that you can get More of those coins by winning and winning many different matches.


Features of Toon Cup football game for Android and iPhone


Toon Cup CN has many advantages that made it one of the most important and prominent electronic games in the category of sports that many users are demanding to download because it simulates the real football game in an interesting, exciting and wonderful cartoon way for children specifically, and one of the most prominent features that it includes The game is:


The game simulates a lot of cartoon characters that are shown many of the famous movies on Cartoon Network, which is an important element in attracting a large number of users, especially children between the ages of six to twelve years old, who are the target group to download that game. She loved and adored this channel's film series.


The child's football skills develop instead of trying to develop them outside and in light of the critical days in which we all live now, it is better for the child to develop his skills on his tablet or phone in an easy and simple way.


Most of the characters are open for free, that is, the child can without obtaining any coins or without the need to pay some real burdensome sums of money with the credit card, but there are other characters that are difficult to open in the early stages of the game except after winning and winning in some matches, whether quick or tournament matches -All you have to do is collect virtual coins in order to unlock multiple locked characters.


The Cup CN game contains many tournaments for many countries, allowing the user the freedom to choose the country he wishes to represent in the matches and tournaments.


and each tournament consists of 3 matches. The player must choose his team consisting of the team captain and 2 other players and then use them in those Successive matches in which the user must develop a good playing strategy in order to win over the opponent, reaching the Toon Cup to win many gold coins.

It supports many languages ​​and it is one of the advantages that have contributed to its widespread spread among many users of the countries of the world, since it supports the Arabic language in addition to English, Turkish, Russian and other multiple other languages, which makes the user aware of all the explanations that the game includes Or settings according to the language he understands.

Toon Cup game contains strong visual and sound effects that can be turned off or turned on from the game settings that are located inside the upper gear of the game interface screen, and the function of these effects is to notify the user that the game is real from the sound of kicking the ball and the player crawling to confront the ball or entering the ball into the net The voice of the fans in the stadium and other audios that make the user feel like they are inside a real match.

It includes many assistive tools that increase the enthusiasm within the game, because these tools appear during the game lying on the field, which stimulates the player's focus between trying to pass the ball to members of his team and trying to aim the ball in the opponent's goal.

and between searching all the time for the assistance tools that appear Suddenly on the field, these different tools may help team members speed up their performance and the power of their shots or they may be blocking tools for the other team.

Cup Toon game graphics are high-quality and graphics are more than wonderful because the programming company adopted modern technologies during programming that game to appear in this way the most wonderful.


Download for Android from the Play Store


Download for iPhone from Apple Store


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