New update to integrate Facebook and Instagram chats together

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New update to integrate Facebook and Instagram chats together


A new update to integrate all your conversations on Facebook and Instagram together at the same time, the Facebook company is launching a new update that links your account on Messenger and your account on Instagram together, where the company plans to link all its applications together so that a user of any application can easily message the rest of the applications.


and the first of these steps is to apply these The feature was between the Instagram and Messenger applications, as Facebook allowed Instagram users to send messages to the Messenger application, and this update was published by Facebook under the name of a new method of messaging on Instagram, and some features have been added to this update where you can interact with the new emoji sent by friends.


The features of the latest Messenger application update to integrate Messenger chats


The advantages of the recent Messenger update to integrate Messenger chats to Instagram through it, the new update for the Instagram application included many updates in the application interface, the most important of which is the ability to interact with the emoticons sent by friends and finally the ability to respond to messages by pulling the message, such as the feature in Messenger and WhatsApp Finally.


the main feature in the application, for which the update was made, is sending messages to your friends on Facebook through Instagram. Where the direct messages icon in the top right of the page in Instagram will be replaced by the Messenger icon


The latest update is available on a small number of Android and iPhone devices, as it is still under trial, as an experiment is being done to ensure that the update is free from any problems, especially that Facebook is building an infrastructure to integrate the most popular social media applications into one application, which are the three applications it owns, namely Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp, where a single platform will be built to integrate the three applications, so you can easily send a message from Messenger to Facebook now and in the future you will be able to communicate between the three applications smoothly and easily


The most important advantage of this update is that it will facilitate access for users to all the famous applications, especially since Facebook has more than 2.4 billion monthly users for the Facebook platform only, more than 2 billion monthly users for the WhatsApp platform and more than one billion monthly users for the Instagram platform, so you want to combine the three platforms to facilitate the communication process. between them.


The launch date for the official Facebook and Instagram integration update from Facebook


The date of the launch of the official Facebook and Instagram integration update from Facebook The update is still under experience, as some minor problems appeared during the users' experience, but in general the update met with the admiration of users as the communication between Facebook and Instagram became easier and the user no longer had to switch between applications and Mark Zuckerberg.

CEO of the company announced Facebook that the update will be officially available within a month from now after making sure that the application is free of any software gaps or any problems that may lead to a malfunction in the new update, especially as it is an update in the infrastructure of Facebook companies.


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