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WhatsApp recent update feature to pay via WhatsApp Pay

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WhatsApp recent update feature to pay via WhatsApp Pay

The recent WhatsApp update allows you to pay your bills or anything you want to pay through the latest WhatsApp update, but unfortunately this feature is not currently available in the Arab world, and after a long wait, Facebook launched today and officially a new feature in the WhatsApp application, which is the electronic payment feature from within The application, sending and transferring money to contacts, the feature was officially launched in India.

As the Indian bucket is one of the largest global markets and it was launched in an experimental way before launching the feature in general all over the world as the new feature will allow you any purchases or sales through the application and will also enable you to send or receive money to and from your bank account directly and this feature will be Very important to facilitate the process of sending and receiving money. Full details about the new feature.

Whatsapp Pay is a special feature for electronic payment and sending and receiving money after Facebook failed to create a Libra currency to facilitate money transfers. I decided to add the WhatsApp Pay feature to make money transfer easy. Send messages on WhatsApp. The feature is officially there, and the feature supports more than 160 local banks within India. You can link your bank account to WhatsApp by entering the settings and then setting up the payment or in English Payment and then following the steps that appear for you to make the link between WhatsApp and the bank.

The new feature will be more similar to the PayPal application to send and receive money while keeping your bank account data secure, but the difference between PayPal and Whatsapp Pay will be the transfer commission, which will be almost non-existent in WhatsApp Pay in addition to that feature will allow you to link any Visa to the application and facilitate The process of sending money, where you will be able to send money to friends as well as send emoji or a message on WhatsApp, as the matter will be very easy.