Download Instagram program with the latest direct link for free, 2021

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Download Instagram program with the latest direct link for free, 2021


Download the Instagram application for Android, iPhone, computer and laptop with a direct link, the latest update for free 2021. Download Instagram 2021, the latest update for free for Android and iPhone, with a direct link that allows you to enjoy a unique communication experience, as it is considered one of the best and most important social networking applications that have flocked to download it. Large number of users, it is an application dedicated to lovers of photography and share with friends, free and fast.


It also contains multiple filters for the appearance of the image better, so it is one of the best programs for editing and sharing images, and soon the application spread around the world and Instagram reached more than a billion users around the world, due to its many advantages, most notably the ability to share clips The video and any other files you want, as many decided to do their own business on that platform because of its filtering and editing of publications.


Instagram is one of the most popular platforms that create an atmosphere of interaction between users, and one that provides what the user is looking for according to his interest through the hashtag feature provided by the platform, in addition to the ability to follow your personal account across all platforms by downloading and installing the Instagram application and linking it. In many other social media platforms, so we recommend that you download Instagram because of its advantages, which we will list in detail in the next lines.


Download the Instagram application for Android, iPhone, computer and laptop 2021


Download Instagram for iPhone, computer, laptop and Android with a direct link to the latest version for free with direct links. Instagram is one of the most important free chat and social networking programs, and it is more specialized in exchanging and sharing photos with many filters to appear in the best way, and it is known that the first launch of the application Insta was in October 2010, and soon it spread and became famous during 2012, and thus Facebook decided to include it in the list of its sites and platforms in April of this year, and it paid for that a huge sum of up to one billion dollars, which is a very huge amount of money that sparked controversy Many users, especially since the last time they bought the company that owns the Yahoo platform for Flickr, the number was about $ 35 million in 2005.


From here, Insta began to spread on smart phones from within the App Store and Google Play for Android and iPhone stores, and then users began to exchange it with each other until it reached the top of social networking applications as it has many improvements by those in charge of it permanently and for this reason the application got On a high rating among users, it reached 4.4 out of 5 points.


How to download and install the Instagram program on Android and iPhone phones, latest version 2021


In order to download Instagram 2021 on Android phones, follow the following


Open Google Play Store from the desktop of your smartphone's home screen.


Write down the name of the application "Instagram" in any language you want inside the white box of the search and wait for it to come to you in the primary search engines.


Click on the Instagram name to take you to the download page and from there to clicking on the Install or Install button and wait for the download to complete.


Make sure the phone is connected to the strong WIFI network to ensure a fast download of the application, and then open the application by clicking the "Open" button.


You can open Instagram Arabic also by clicking on the application icon that will appear on the main phone screen after installation.


How to start using Instagram 2021


First Step: By clicking on the unlock button, you will start using Instagram, but the first step you need to do is

Instagram Log in or create an Instagram account.


Second Step: After that, you will need to enter the phone number or email address, then click on the Next button.


The third step: Then there will come a confirmation of authentication between the phone number you entered and the platform by sending a 6-digit code that you must enter correctly and then click the Next button.


Fourth Step: You can log in to Instagram via the platform via your Facebook account, and this is done by clicking on Login and from there to login with a Facebook account to directly take you to the start page and it will also transfer the same Facebook profile picture to you.


Fifth step: You will receive a welcome message from Instagram, so you must start the application by clicking on the Follow Friends button so that you can achieve fun and entertainment by communicating with friends.


The features of downloading the Instagram application latest version 2021


The Instagram program has many advantages that make it the first application at the level of social networking applications, as everyone praised this application and was well received by almost all users from around the world, and among the advantages of that application are:


One of the most prominent advantages of Bio Instagram, bio is some phrases that refer to the user’s CV, but it will not be a literal biography, but more humorous phrases can be added to the bio which will appear next to your profile, and what is new here is that you can add some links Inside the Bio, especially if it is a group link of your own, it is considered a free promotional advertising space, and you can make many adjustments to the Bio at any time and you can change the email address at any time as well.


Hashtags feature, the hashtag feature is considered one of the best features within the application and it is considered as an advanced and integrated search engine within Instagram Arabic, where the program provides you with the hashtag platform by adding the # sign before the keyword that you want to make a hashtag for it to be a related word and not separate And after you write it on the application's search platform, all available hashtags that correspond to your search name will appear, and therefore this is an important feature that is suitable for people with brands for a greater free marketing experience.


Arranging and scheduling posts, among the advantages of the Instagram application is that you can make specific scheduling for some of the posts you want, as you can place many posts after another with a specific timing for each post to be published, which may be of benefit and make you constantly on the platform even if you are busy For long hours, and thus this makes you interact more and more with many users on the Insta platform.


The Boomerang sequential photography feature, as we mentioned that the application in charge has always taken care to introduce many improvements and fixes to the application, and among the most important of these improvements is the Boomerang feature, which allows taking successive shots and making a very short video clip of only two seconds. Sharing it on Instagram will be displayed slowly, up to 6 seconds, and this feature adds great fun to the Instagram application while communicating and interacting with friends through the platform.


The possibility of publishing a live broadcast, users can now make live broadcast videos and publish them on their profile and share with friends Live with a live broadcast by the event, and this feature has become very popular within the Insta program between friends and each other, where you get a notification that the user (so-and-so) is doing something Live video broadcast live and by clicking on the notification you can see the live broadcast with the ability to interact with it with comments and likes.


The possibility of creating an opinion poll on your profile, now you can create an opinion poll on your profile, and this really is very beneficial, especially if you own a project online and want to know the customers' opinions and desires and what they think, then polling here will save you a lot and a lot, This is important to achieve a greater popularity and profit, and it is worth noting that the poll can be installed on the profile or inside your story, and you can also monitor the number of votes and indicate who voted in this poll.


The availability of many filters on the images, Instagram is one of the applications for photo lover in particular, so the program includes a good number of filters so that you can make many adjustments to the images as there is a special photo editor inside the application, which is a feature that is not available on most platforms Social networking, and you can also use face filters during selfies, a feature that adds fun and entertainment between friends and each other.


The Stop Motion and Back feature within the Instagram application, through these two features, you can professionally control the images to be edited, or the videos that you want to place on the story or on your profile, which is a great feature in which the subscriber on the platform uses his creative energies and his artistic touch, Therefore, we recommend that you use these two features well so that you can have your video and photos professionally.


The time acceleration feature for some videos, the company’s management and those in charge of Instagram have put a small application or a new technology inside the application itself, which is the Hyprelapse application, which is an application that uses the time acceleration technology for video clips in order to be able to produce a skilled professional video using the most prominent tools and techniques that give the clip a superior beauty It is worth noting that you will not need a laptop to prepare a skilled video, but this feature can be used on your phone through the platform, as it works to reduce the percentage of vibration or camera shake, especially when walking on foot while filming.


The ability to install the story on the feed network, and among the most important modern features added by the most famous programmers and developers based on the Instagram program is to install your story with its content that you have prepared on the News Feed network, which is a very popular network that millions of users browse on a daily basis, so if you want to Popularity and spread through social media, this platform is the best for you, and you can also publish a clip about a product or commodity to make an advertisement for you purely for free without paying any fees for it, and this is done by clicking on the story and then to the upper left button with the word Highlight and then upload the video and wait for the Feed Back that will be received by the users.


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