Download SHAREit 5.8.58 with direct link for free 2021

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Download SHAREit 5.8.58 with direct link for free 2021


Download the SHAREit application for Android, iPhone, computer and laptop with a direct link, the latest version for free with the new update 2021. Download the SHAREit application for Android and iPhone The latest version with a direct link for free from the official website is the topic today. Kamel Arabi is the best tool in the world that is used to transfer and share files from anywhere, at any time, for free, without the use of wires, cables, or USB connections, and without the need for the Internet.


The SHAREit program, which is used by more than 600 million users in 200 countries around the world, because it supports Android operating systems and works on iOS phones and Mac devices. It is the most downloaded application on the Google Play Store and is the fastest program in the world through which files can be shared.


Download the SHAREit app for Android, iPhone, computer and laptop latest version 2021


Download SHAREit program for iPhone, computer, Android and laptop with the latest direct link for free 2021.It is very fast, 200 times faster than bluetooth, and pictures, music, videos and applications can be sent from phones and received at speeds of up to 20 Mbps per second in addition to being a simple and easy-to-use program that can be used. Share multimedia, music, applications, messages, and copy all contacts from the old phone to the new phone with one click.


You can also make a connection between the computer and the mobile through the Shareit application, which has been downloaded more than 500 million times thanks to that it works well and does not contain any harmful viruses and is constantly updated in order to comply with the advanced technology of the age and works on all devices in all languages ​​and can be through it Sharing files over Wi-Fi without the need for bluetooth and the failure of transfer and sharing processes, in this topic we will talk about the SHAREit application for Android, iPhone, iPad, iPod and Mac and how to use the program in addition to some of the features and features in SHAREit latest update.


By using SHAREit for Android, iPhone and computer


The SHAREit application is one of the best applications that must be present on your Android or iPhone phone, because it is a company produced by Lenovo, which worked on issuing this program in order to help people in the process of transferring and sharing large files from one phone to another phone or from mobile to computer In order for people to dispense with the programs used in this field, which work very slowly and sometimes stop working completely if the size of the files is large, and thus the user resorts to wires and cables in order to transfer these things.


With the SHAREit mobile program with a direct link, you will be able to use this program to send and receive files in complete safety without fear of malware or knowing your data. This program maintains the privacy of the user's data and there is no malicious software and makes a connection through the wireless network in order to be able to Sharing files between computer and mobile is completely free without paying any financial fees for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod through a wonderful program in the form of many tools that are used in exchanging files, improving phone memory, updating applications and games in a very easy way.


Because the program does not require prior learning in addition to being light on the devices it does not consume the device’s resources except for random memory and keeps the mobile battery and is available for free on online stores where you can download SHAREit For Android for free with a direct link. Aptoid store, Mobogenie store, and One Mobile Market, available for all Samsung Galaxy, Huawei, Oppo, GHTC phones, Nokia, Blackberry, iPhone, iPad and iPod phones, Shareit software that works with the latest technology, which is WiFi Direct technology that enables people to transfer files instead of bluetooth via Wi-Fi Faye was the first to name the HotSpot virtual network that SHAREit uses to make a connection between devices and each other.


As we mentioned about the Sherat program that has many capabilities, advantages and tools that can be used, whether for the computer or mobile, by using the Wi-Fi network, and in this paragraph we will explain in full and detail the best way by which to connect the computer to the mobile without using cables or wires, and we will divide This section outlines the steps so that you can share and transfer files easily without facing any problems.


The first step: You must first download the SHAREit program for mobile and computer in order to be able to transfer files. After you download the program, you install the application on both devices, but you must make sure that the computer has Wi-Fi if the device does not support this feature.


The second step: After you open the shareit program on the mobile, you swipe the screen from left to right in order to open a list written in it Connect To PC, which enables you to connect the computer with the mobile phone. After that, you open the shareit program on the computer until it is recognized Both devices.


The third step: The shareit program will start on the computer to search for available Wi-Fi networks. After that, your computer will be found. All you have to do is wait for a while until a connection is made between the computer and the mobile through the list that will appear. Click on Accept until Communication is between the two devices.


The fourth step: You will find that the computer has been communicating between me and the mobile so that you can transfer all files between both devices and after completion you press the Disconnect button, which enables you to cut the connection between the computer and the mobile, and in case if you want to transfer any new files, you can use the same steps Which you can use the same steps that we mentioned.


SHAREit download features for iPhone, computer, laptop and Android


Amazing speed: The maximum speed of the program reaches 20 Mbps, as this program works at a speed of 200 times better than Bluetooth, so you can share files between devices at any time and anywhere at high speed.


Multi-platform: The SHIRAT program works on all Android phones, phones running the ios operating system, in addition to it works on the computer and supports all versions of Windows, and the Shareit program can be downloaded the latest version for Mac phones completely free of charge.


Supports files: You can transfer, share, send and receive all applications, games, movies, photos, music and folders through the SHAREit program that works without using internet data and does not require wires or cables to communicate between devices with each other.


Continuous update: The Shirt program is constantly updated and in this version we have today, the stability of the program has been significantly improved and all errors that users encountered in the previous version have been fixed in addition to the voice search feature that enables you to access all files within the program in the fastest time.


Support for languages: The SHAREit program works on all devices as mentioned and supports more than 30 languages, and it is a completely free program. You can download, download and install the SHIRAT program for free without paying any fees, but this version will contain ads that may bother you a little.


Completely safe: SHAREit works on exchanging files between smart devices at the fastest possible speed. This image may reach 100 megabytes per second thanks to the "Wifi Direct" technology that SHAREit uses in file transfers, and this feature is present in most smart phones.


Sharing applications: The SHAREit application enables you to send and receive files over the wireless network. It also allows you to share games, pictures and applications via wireless and provides all the tools and features you need when selecting the files that you want to send and receive.


Download SHAREit for Android


Download SHAREit for iPhone


Download SHAREit for PC


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