Download Super Backup program to backup Android phones

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Download Super Backup program to backup Android phones


Download the Super Backup program to make a complete backup of the Android phone device for free with a direct link from the Play Store, making a backup copy for Android phones. Many users use their smartphones for different purposes. Many people use it as a work machine, others use it as a recreational device and others use it as a tool for learning and experimentation. In addition to that, smartphones today also store a lot of user data, including photos, videos, documents, contacts, and messages.


In addition to that, the application installed on the Android device also contains a lot of important information. In this topic we will learn how to backup your phone completely without root user.


There are several ways to do this. Device Root Directory includes many applications that can help you to fully backup your phone data.


Download the Super Backup app for Android to backup Android phones without root 2021


However, with the help of devices without root access, we don't have these apps as the system simply doesn't allow them. What's the solution? Let's take a step-by-step guide together.


1. Backup Contacts and SMS Backups Backup contacts and SMS messages on an Android phone is not a blatant science, as most people already know how to do it. If you don't know what to do, then we will help you on how to do it on your Android phone. There are two ways to back up contacts.


The first method is to download any excellent Android backup application through the Google Play Store. One of the most popular apps out there is Super Backup.


Super Backup 2. is a simple and effective backup tool for contacts and messages. It can also help you back up apk files of all apps installed on your device.


As for the second method, you can sync your contacts with Google. This is a simple and useful way to store contacts. It also avoids the trouble of downloading custom applications.


You also don't need any contact recovery apps. Simply log in to your Google account from a new device or even from any device that wants to restore all contacts to the previous version. This method is also useful if you lose your Android phone.


3. Back up photos and videos No matter what you do, photos and videos will take up most of the storage units on our Android smartphones.


We have photos and videos taken anywhere, a family trip, informal meetings with friends, and scanned copies of important business documents provided by the company we work for. These photos and videos should be saved by us to avoid losing the phone or even if the phone software is operating normally.


Take a copy of Android software, and likewise, we have an important Google app here, the Google Drive app. This special Google app is able to make a number of backups of all photos and videos on your Android phone.


Like all other apps, it is very similar to the cloud storage app. However, this memory might not be enough to create backup copies of all files on your phone.


To do this, you can use the largest space provided by a backup application, which can be larger than your actual space. Connection.


Another solution that you can rely on is the ability to copy all files from your phone to your computer.If you have a laptop on your desktop first, you can copy all files, pictures and videos from your phone to your computer. Connect your computer with the USB cable and start transferring these files directly.


4. Backup application data What we mean here is application data, which is the information in the application account registered in a specific application. So, what kind of data is stored in the app depends on the type of app you are using.


For games, the application data includes your login information and your complete progress in creating the game; For other applications, such as document scanners and document scanners; For file storage apps, including files they're added to.


So, we have the idea of ​​backing up app data as a whole, so you can use this method to easily backup app data on your phone. For this method, we will be using an app called Helium.


Steps to backup application data


First: Install the Helium app on the phone where you want to backup the app data.


Ensure that USB debugging is enabled on the smartphone. Therefore, “USB Debugging” can be found under “Developer Options” in the “Settings” section.


Now, use the link below to install the Helium version on your computer.


After installing Helium on your computer.


Connect your Android phone to the computer via the USB connection here.


Download the program for Android


Download the program for the computer


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