Download Wolf Quest 2021 game with the latest direct link

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Download Wolf Quest 2021 game with the latest direct link


Download the Wolf Quest game for Android and iPhone with a direct link to the latest version from the Play Store and from the Apple Store. Wolf Quest game: Hello and welcome my dear friends, visitors to the website of jawakerr, the ideas presented for the games have evolved greatly in the recent period until we saw many strange ideas, far from fighting and action games full of movement and weapons that attracted a huge number of players all over the world with a pattern Team play for many players, but many users are looking for new games that include innovative ideas.


A new type of simulation game appeared, the first of which was the simulation of driving many different means of transportation, this type offers you a virtual driving experience for some means that it is difficult for you to experience it in real life, among these games previously shown links to download an airplane game for driving simulation Flight Pilot Simulator 3D Free, this wonderful game simulates the driving of many different types of aircraft in many modes, the simple tools necessary to control the plane and the important meters without the net appear on the screen.


Within this game, you can configure your own gaming café and simulate the natural life of the character by wandering around the city streets and entering many places and going to restaurants, but inside the café you have to pay attention to cleanliness and get more computers to increase income while buying the famous games that are preferred by those coming to the private cafe You, but today we will offer you visitors to the jawakerr site a completely different game to simulate the life of a wild animal with all aspects that you have not tried before, this will be through the game Wolf Quest in which you will embody a wolf animal with wildlife with an enthusiastic atmosphere to search for food and hide And wait for the right time to run back, not only that you can also play with your friends inside the wildlife.


Download Wolf Quest for Android and iPhone 2021 direct link for free


Download the Wolf Quest game for iPhone and Android with a direct link to the latest update 2021 for free from the Apple Store and the Play Store. The first download version of the game, Wolf Quest, was released on October 31, 2007 by Eduweb Inc, Wolf Quest is a video game for simulating wildlife A wolf animal was developed by the Minnesota Zoo and developed by Eduweb since 2013, the game has a large wild map designed with 3D graphics in good quality with beautiful graphics and colors that simulate the colors and details of realistic wildlife>


 Wolf Quest game works on devices Mobile phones that run on the Android operating system you can download it through the official Google Play store, you can try the Wolf Quest game on phones that run the iOS operating system by downloading it through the official Apple Store to work on iPhone phones, the game is characterized by the medium size This is what helps users to download the game on mobile phones with ease.


The first feature that we care about on the jawakerr site is the provision of everything new and free of games and applications, as is the case with the game Wolf Quest. You can download it with quick direct links through the official stores from the bottom of the topic, unfortunately the game is available to work on computers with different operating systems But it is available in a paid form and is not free, so we will not leave you with the download links. Wolf Quest includes a set of wonderful sound effects that simulate real natural sounds, which increases the enthusiasm of people while playing.


You can play in a single mode without the need to connect your device to the Internet to enjoy it anywhere without an obstacle, and you can enjoy it with your friends through the mode of group play by connecting your mobile phone to the Internet service, the game provides you with the ability to choose how difficult and easy it is to play and this lies The difficulty in the possibility of hitting the prey and running away so that the player can choose the appropriate level for him.


Features and characteristics of downloading the game Wolf Quest for Android and iPhone


You can download the Wolf Quest game for free, and we also promised you to provide all free and new games on the jawakerr site.


Wolf Quest is a 3D video game simulating the wildlife of a wolf.


The game is not suitable for children, it is suitable for those aged 12 years and over.


Learn to support yourself to get food and live alone.


The goal in the game is to find a home, search for a mate, and build a family.


You can communicate with other wolves, either through written or voice chat.


The game features the Slough Creek map with another additional map with very large land areas.


You can enjoy single player mode without the need to connect your phone to an Internet service, through which you can learn how to hunt deer.


User can create his own wolf shape through many different features and gradient colors of gray.


You do not need to register an account to enter and try the game, but an account can be registered to maintain the level you have reached.


You can choose to play multiplayer with the ON Line system to have fun with your friends and make new friends from all over the world.


The game has many control buttons that appear on the game screen to fully control the werewolf to do its natural movements.


The player can choose the degree of difficulty of the game, whether very easy or challenging, and other more difficult modes according to the skill of the user.


Download the game for Android


Download the game for iPhone


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