Download professional designer photo writing software 2021

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Download professional designer photo writing software 2021


Download the professional designer photo writing application for Android and iPhone with a direct link, the latest update from the Play Store and the Apple Store, download the professional designer photo writing program for Android, the latest update with a direct link, which is considered the best photo writing program that makes you distinct from other users on communication platforms Social, as it gives you many tools through which you can enter many adjustments to the image, such as writing any written text with customization of the font, color, size, and location of the text inside the image, in addition to providing various forms of frames that can give an attractive look to the image, as well as About the various filters for different lighting colors or rust colors in degrees, so downloading his book on pictures program is one of the most enjoyable experiences in the world of pictures.


It contains a large amount of ready-made images inside it, in addition to the ability to upload a picture from the phone's studio, or take a live photo with the camera and then you can make many adjustments to it, and despite the many editing programs and writing on the images, it is one of the famous programs that got liked Many, as the application of writing on pictures is free and does not contain any purchase items, so we recommend that you install the application on the phone to enjoy the advantages that we will talk about in more detail.


Download the professional designer photo writing application for Android and iPhone with a direct link for free


Download the photo writing program for iPhone and Android for free with a direct link to iPhone and Android, the photo writing program is one of the free programs that work on smartphones that run on the Android system in all its versions because it is a program that is light and small in size, and Al-Team has introduced it since 2017 One of the programs for introducing adjustments to images, through which you can control the lighting of the image, combine two images, one as a background and the other as a basic image, and complete control over both of them, in addition to the program's inclusion of a very large amount of wonderful posters of various shapes and fields.


It is worth noting that, through the application of writing on pictures, you can save the image after those changes or share it through social media platforms such as Messenger and Whatsapp, and it supports writing text on images in Arabic or English with a variety of font shapes for both languages, and it also supports Android operating systems only, in addition to that it supports many languages ​​according to the default language of your phone.


How to use the photo writing program for Android and iPhone


First: Open the photo writing program to find the main interface is organized in an organized manner and has many options to start uploading the image that you want to make adjustments to. You can choose an image from within the application, upload a picture from the phone, or take a picture from the camera directly.


Second: Select the image and enter your initial adjustments on it in terms of size, dimensions, cropping, or rotation to any of the four sides, then click on the correct icon.


Third: The toolbar and settings will appear below the image. Use each tool separately, and we will list the mechanism of action for each of them in the next paragraph.


Fourth: After completing all the previous steps, you can click the save button to keep the image in the phone memory, or click the share button in order to share it on social media platforms with friends.


The most prominent types of stickers provided by the photo writing program for Android and iPhone


Various basic posters.


Ready stickers.


Love hearts stickers.


Musical stickers.


Snap gestures stickers.


Arab heritage posters.


Posters of Islamic manuscripts.


Foliage stickers.


Posters Shapes Talks.


Various decorations stickers.


Diacritical stickers.


Signatures stickers ready.


Instagram stickers.


Happy birthday stickers.


Good morning stickers.


The advantages of downloading the photo writing application 


Available for free.


It contains many different and varied stickers.


It includes a variety of Arabic and English fonts.


The ability to combine more than one image into one image in a different artistic way.


It includes different frame shapes to give the image an aesthetic touch.

                                          Download the program for Android

                                           Download the program for iPhone


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