Download the Zombie Tsunami 2021 game with a direct link to the latest version

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Download the Zombie Tsunami 2021 game with a direct link to the latest version


Download the Zombie Tsunami game for Android and iPhone with a direct link to the latest version for free from the Play Store and from the Apple Store. Download the Zombie Tsunami game, one of the best zombie games, which is considered a fictional game that has no connection to reality as it is based on the zombie character, which means the undead Or those strange creatures that have spread in American films and that some human beings are transformed to become zombies as well.


It is the same idea of ​​the modern zombie game as the subject of the article, where the zombie character who plays your role walks on foot in many different countries and roads, and the latest version for Android and iPhone phones has also been provided now on the official Google Play and App Store for smart devices, as well as We have provided direct download links from below topic.


And then the zombie, some of everyone who finds him in front of him, joins him in the zombie team to aim and roam all the city skies, to turn cars, overturn public transportation and bite all the people in them to be included in the team, so the process of downloading a zombie tsunami is very fun as the atmosphere of the game contains On the many excitement and suspense in terms of the land that suddenly falls and the pits that you have to jump from, as well as some means of assistance that enable you to increase the number of your team in order to lead and direct them well, and after installing the game you will notice for yourself the quality and wonderful graphics, as well as the emergence of many landmarks Each country you visit to turn its people into zombies, and then move to another stage or another country.


Download the Zombie Tsunami 2021 game for Android and iPhone


Download the Zombie Tsunami game for iPhone and Android with a direct link to the latest version for free from the Apple Store and the Play Store. MobiGame launched the first version of this game in 2013, an idea taken from the fictional foreign films series, and it belongs to the list of excitement and suspense games as well as some fighting games As the zombie character in the game possesses the skill of biting and is louder than bullets and weapons, and the play mechanism is based on trying to find humans in order to bite them, convert them and join them to your team to lead them on their journey to many countries.


The game contains scenes and landmarks from every country as well as the shape of buildings and trees, even animals turn into zombies, and the Zombie Tsunami game was called this name because it contains many aids that enable the user to increase the number of his team and not die by any means, and among the most prominent means Auxiliary tools are a tsunami, which is a high water that makes the zombie user rise to the top and eat cars and public transportation with their riders on his green path. After the end of the hurricane, you will find that the zombie team has become a very large number.


And the zombie pushing game is considered one of the simple and easy games that do not need a great explanation, all you have to do is walk in a straight path and try to bite everyone you find in front of you, while trying to avoid falling into some potholes, and beware of the ground that slips suddenly, and try not to hit you because This may lead to the end of the role, in addition to avoiding the payment of cars that contain a number greater than the number of your team, because this also will make you lose, and the game has various and multiple features that we will get to know together in the next lines.


The most prominent utilities in the game Zombie Tsunami and how they work


The tsunami zombie game contains many free assistance tools that you get without going to them, as they suddenly appear during play, and among the most prominent free utilities are:


Ninja: The utilities will appear in the form of a white box placed inside a question mark after jumping and obtaining it, the tool will appear and in this tool for Ninja you can turn you and your team into a group of ninjas, and the advantages of this tool is the ability to jump up with one click.


Motorcycle pioneers: After acquiring this tool, know very well that nothing will affect you, that is, you can pass bombs and cars that are more than your team, or walk in front of cars, trucks and airplanes without concern for them and without the slightest shortage of your team members.


Balloon Tool: One of the advantages of this tool that you can get inside the game is that it will make the head of the zombie and his team resemble a balloon and thus become light in size and rise to the top, which may protect the zombie team from bombs, ground gaps and many obstacles on the ground.


Flying saucer tool: The flying saucer tool makes you play without indifference, in the event of the end and death of the last zombie of the team members, the bird will create a new zombie spirit, and thus the game gives you a new life opportunity without ending the role or losing the role.


Giant zombie: in which all team members gather inside a hacked zombie tsunami game in one giant zombie that has a weapon that can destroy everyone in front of it, but beware as the bombs and cars affect the number of the team and may lead to a decrease in the number so jump and avoid obstacles is normal, but know that your strength is combined With that tool.


Tsunami tool: This tool is a very high water that takes you and your team members to the top, and it is worth noting that it destroys you and destroys everyone in front of it and increases the number of the team by including all the people that will appear in its way, even cars, planes and all means of transportation that kill them and transform people Inside them into zombies and it's impossible to fall into pits or get stuck in a landing gear.


American football players: After obtaining this tool, members of the zombie team turn into American football players with their clothes, body and huge helmets, and one of the advantages of this tool is that it gives you the ability to skip and destroy anything without the slightest impact on you and your team members, but only beware of landing Or the ground gaps, as for the bombs, cars and others inside the Zombie Tsunami Apk game, they will not affect you at all.


Dragon tool: It is the big snake that devours everything that stops in front of it, but it is one of the tools that does not give you advantages like the rest, it only enlarges the size.


Zombie Tsunami download features for iPhone and Android


This game occupies a high and great position in the hearts of many players with smartphones, due to its being from the fun fictional games category, which quickly turned from foreign films into a game to become you part of it, and among the most prominent advantages of this game:


You can play with it without an Internet connection, one of the most prominent advantages of the zombie push game that everyone praised is the ability to play and have fun without the need to connect to the Internet, which makes you able to play it without the need to stay at home to be near the Wi-Fi or use Internet phone packages and expose them to rapid access.


The ability to play with friends through social media platforms, the game is classified as one of the group games that you can share with many friends on the Facebook social networking platform, by linking the game account to your personal account on Facebook and making an invitation to friends, and it is worth noting that you can Play together as a zombie squad to eliminate and bite humans and avoid obstacles.


The game contains many fun tasks, one of the things that will keep you from getting bored while playing on the zombie tsunami platform is that it contains some daily tasks that make you excited to play and get free gifts and virtual gold coins as a result of completing the tasks, and those tasks appear at the top of the game screen, and represent The following picture is an example of collecting basketballs of a certain number, and as you walk on the road you will find many balls all you have to do is collect them at the time required to obtain gifts and coins.


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