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Download the best applications to treat your phone's heat

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Download the best applications to treat your phone's heat


Download the best applications to solve the problem of your phone overheating with direct links to the latest version for free. The 4 best applications to treat the temperature of your phone and work to cool it down There are many reasons behind the overheating of Android devices. You may have an app that is consuming a lot of your phone's resources, or it could be because of the same summer heat that makes your phone overheat.


Whatever the reason, it is important that you cool down your Android device as soon as possible. The following application will help you to lower the temperature of your device to avoid further problems caused by overheating, all of the following applications are free, so you will not miss anything, but you can spend a few minutes to get to know them and choose the application that appeals to you the most. So, let's understand the top 4 apps to reduce the temperature of Android phones.


Most of the apps mentioned here have the same name, so we recommend using the app link below the description of each app to avoid downloading apps different from other apps instead of what we mentioned in this topic.


Radiator main application It is one of the easiest applications to use among applications that reduce your phone's temperature. You can cool the phone by pressing the button in the application and then the application will cool the phone directly, and the effect is very good. in addition to.


1. Download the Cooler Master application for Android with a direct link  


Download Cooler Master for Android with the latest direct link for free from the Play Store 2021. Cooler Master can accurately know the percentage of RAM consumption and the percentage of phone consumption of the CPU processor, if you receive a notification indicating that your phone is overheating in the application, then what You just have to tap the blue button on the main interface of the app to directly cool the phone.


The idea for the app to function properly is to prevent the app from overheating the phone. However, you can use the options provided by the app to prevent certain apps from being blocked, for example, when leaving the phone alone when it needs to be cooled down, make sure not to expose it to direct sunlight, as this will prevent the phone from cooling.


Download the application for Android



2. Download the Cooling Master application for Android with a direct link  


Cooling Master application This application is one of the most important applications to understand and reduce the temperature of your Android phone by clicking a button. Where Cooler Master-CPU Cooler app will help you to detect your smartphone CPU temperature and RAM usage status in real time in an organized and simple way.


The application will show you the phone information as well, and also some mobile phone specifications with the CPU and battery as well. It can also help reduce the temperature by detecting and closing the apps that cause your phone to overheat, all you have to do in this app is to search for the app that is causing your phone to overheat. Then tap on the Cooling Master option that cools down the phone by closing these apps. In addition to that, this phone cooler app can also improve the performance of smartphones by clearing its RAM.


You can also clean junk files to get more space and save battery to make your phone run more. It is also possible to set and cool widgets on the home screen with one touch, without entering the application.


Download the application for Android


3. Download the Finally Clean App for Android with the latest direct link 


Download the Finally Clean app for Android with the latest direct link for free. The Finally Clean app is one of the best apps to reduce the temperature of Android phones. Ultimately, it can help solve problems related to refrigeration and storage.


The app has a simple interface that displays your device storage space and RAM status. In the main interface of the application, there is the option of the processor cooler, just click on it and the temperature of the processor phone will appear, click Cool to reduce the temperature In addition, the application will also help you to delete unnecessary files from your phone and increase the internal storage space of your phone easily, you can also delete applications Directly from the app and its root directory, or even delete those apps in one go instead of deleting them individually, to save time and effort.


Download the application for Android



4. Download the Super Cooler app for Android with a direct link


Download Super Cooler for Android with the latest release direct link for free 2021. The Super Cooler app for mobile phone is an application that can monitor the temperature in real time on a smartphone running Android system, the application is very simple because the displayed details are expressed in an accurate and simple way. It will also display the temperature in graphical and digital formats and it will update continuously every second to provide accurate results about the phone temperature.


Find the apps that are causing your phone to overheat. After checking the app, tap on the cooling option, and the app will count down for a few seconds to reduce the phone temperature. After the required cooling time, the app will show you how much the phone has cooled down.


Download the application for Android