Download TownShip game with the latest direct link, for free, 2021

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Download TownShip game with the latest direct link, for free, 2021


Download the TownShip game for Android and iPhone with the direct link of the latest update 2021 for free through the Play Store and through the Apple Store. Download TownShip Apk 2021, one of the most wonderful games that has been very popular in the recent period, as it is very similar in its idea to the Hay Day game and the Happy Farm game that we previously talked about in a previous article, as it is based on the mechanism of building a complete city, and depends on all resources from Agriculture, industry and commerce.


As it takes you to a new world of fun and luxury, downloading the village game makes you manage a town or an entire city to start with it from scratch to reach it to the best shape, where the TownShip game is based on the principle of farming such as wheat, corn and other crops, in addition to raising many From productive animals such as chickens, cows, sheep, and goats to produce eggs and milk. In addition to the Township game, it makes you go through the experience of the industry also by building many factories such as bakeries and preventing dairy and others, we recommend that you download the town game to enjoy more fun and fun.


Download the TownShip game for Android and iPhone with a direct link, the new update 2021


Download the TownShip game for iPhone and Android with the latest direct link, for free, 2021. The city or town game is one of the building and construction games for fans of the world of construction and reconstruction, as Playrix, the leading company in the field of smartphone games, has released a modified and advanced version of the old happy farm game that was interacting It has a large number on the Facebook platform, and it is one of the games that develop the movement of industry and commerce in addition to it includes a number of wonderful puzzles that stimulate the mind to solve them to obtain many wonderful prizes.


The TownShip game also supports many different operating systems in addition to its support for a large number of different languages, including Arabic, but its size is relatively large and has very high graphics, and it consumes battery power so please take into account this matter and do not spend long time with it Also, it does not work without the Internet. It is better to use it with a Wi-Fi network.


Township for Android supports the idea of ​​multiplayer play in terms of connecting to your personal account on the Facebook platform to communicate with your friends who have downloaded this wonderful game, or you can create a community of friends from within the game itself, we recommend that you log into the game so that you can synchronize it on Any device without the slightest problem, in addition to more of the characteristics of the wonderful Township game, which we will talk about in more detail during the previous paragraphs.


TownShip 2021 requirements and missions


1. You must follow the process of downloading Township from one of the official stores for smartphones or by clicking on the direct link provided below the topic.


2. You must first read the game usage policy and terms and then click on the accept button.


3. Start the adventure and excitement, where the city or town that you have to rebuild will appear to you through agriculture at first, as farming is the furniture of everything, spread the seeds inside the field and wait for it to grow, and then sweep it and collect it and repeat the matter with different seeds .


4. Buy some of the produced animals, and at the first stage inside after downloading the village game, you will have to buy at least 3 cows and then feed them in order to get milk, and then sell it or introduce it into some industries.


5. Try hard to get some virtual money in order to be able to build some factories inside the city, so open one of them, let it be a bakery, in order to produce and manufacture bread.


6. Name your village with the name you like and then click the Ok button.


7.Let's start meeting the requirements of the neighbors around your city, as helicopters will come to you, when you click on them, a map of your neighbors and their requests will appear for you. Prepare it immediately and then buy it for them to get more money to buy some new factories.


Features and characteristics of downloading the game TownShip latest version for Android and iPhone


It contains high-quality graphics, with a wonderful organization of the shape of the whole city, which makes you feel as if you are in front of a real city that you are its master and you are the one running it.


Sometimes the Township game raises a puzzle that you must solve in order to obtain more additional gold coins to purchase city supplies, which develops the mental and intellectual capabilities of the user.


It supports many different languages, as it is one of the most important and prominent global games.


It contains all the services and facilities needed to build a complete city, such as some schools, hospitals, and service centers. All this will make the population increase, forcing you to expand the town within the TownShip game to have more fun, in addition to some recreational facilities such as amusement parks and cinemas.


It works to develop the agricultural movement through the establishment and cultivation of many fields, in addition to the development of the industrial movement in terms of establishing many cheese and honey factories and a bakery and making many grills and sandwiches and expanding the city’s activity, as well as developing the trade movement by meeting the demands of residents and neighbors from surrounding cities He bought some products from the city in exchange for some money.


Receive cool daily benefits and rewards as you complete building and construction operations.


Some renovations have been added to the buildings to coincide with New Year's Day.


Attractive look for a snowy winter for the whole city.


New additions for expansion.


Collect tickets that you will find on the Snow Trail for various valuable rewards.


Open the mine and get from it the minerals in a modern way.


Download TownShip for Android


Download TownShip for iPhone


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