Download Viber with the latest direct link, for free, 2021

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Download Viber with the latest direct link, for free, 2021


Download the Viber application for Android, iPhone, computer and laptop with a direct link to the latest version with the new update 2021. Download Viber for computer and mobile with a direct download link, Viber is a multi-platform program that allows free messaging through phone calls, instant messages, video calls, sending pictures and clips Video and audio clips, all for free via the Internet without the need to pay exorbitant fees imposed by mobile companies on users, as the Viber program provides you with the ability to communicate with all people around the world in more than one way where you can make voice calls with good quality to the end in addition to distinctive video calls The high quality offered by the program.


The Viber program is available in ten different languages, including Arabic, so that the program was only limited to iPhones, and then it was developed to suit those running on the Android system, and in the end it was developed to be compatible with the Windows and Mac system and this step is one of the reasons that helped spread the program and increase the number of users Around the world where the program became available on all operating systems and became a strong competitor to the famous Skype download program, where the first version of the program appeared in 2010 until in 2012, that is, only two years after the first version of the program was launched, the number of program users reached 100 million users, which is Of course, amazing success in record time to the end.


Download the Viber app for Android, iPhone, computer and laptop, latest update 2021


Download the latest version of Viber for iPhone, Android, PC and Laptop for free from the Play Store and the Apple Store. Communication has become at the present time easier than ever, as you can, by means of the Internet, make calls, send text messages, voice messages, etc., and there are many programs that provide these services to the fact that there are several points that distinguish these programs from each other, as these programs are distinguished from each other. In terms of sound quality during calls, image quality during video calls, the method and method of sending and receiving messages between voice messages or text messages, or sending pictures and video clips, and so on from the things that distinguish one program from another program until downloading Viber for the computer is one of the giants of this field and is reserved for himself A seat among the best programs in this field, and we will explain the most important points in the program.


Features and features of Viber download for iPhone, Android, PC and Mac


Voice calls: Downloading Viber for the computer allows you to communicate with anyone in the world by making voice calls for free without the need to pay exorbitant fees, as is the case during the use of mobile phone networks, where the program allows you to make calls with good quality to the end until it is approved The matter is on the speed and quality of the Internet to which your device is connected, so you must ensure that your device is connected to the Internet well while using the program in order to get a wonderful and distinctive experience.


Video calls: By downloading Viber for the computer, you can communicate with all people by making video calls to that Viber is characterized by the quality of sound and picture during video calls, which makes the user feel an excellent and wonderful experience, so that the quality of the video depends greatly on the speed of the Internet connected to your device so make sure to Ensuring a good internet connection while using the program indicates that one of the amazing things is that the program works well in the event of a weak internet connection, and this does not mean that the quality will be at its best, but in the end it will be good to some extent.


Text messages: Viber allows you to communicate via text messages beautifully, as you can use many things and emojis that make chatting wonderful and distinctive. By downloading Viber for the computer, you can use the wonderful emoji provided by the program without the need to install a complementary program and from It is known to everyone that emoji makes communicating with others through text messages more fun and enjoyable.


File exchange: By downloading Viber for the computer, you can send and receive pictures, videos, audio clips and gif images where you can reply to your friends by sending a short audio recording in a few seconds in case you do not have time to communicate with your friend by making a voice call or through text messages. As is the case with most programs, you cannot send large video clips as you can only send short video clips


Multiple platforms: Viber is a multi-platform program as the program supports Windows and Mac systems in addition to it supports Android and iPhone mobile phone systems in addition to that your Viber account can be linked to more than one operating platform where you can use the same account on the computer and at the same time on your mobile device This gives the user the freedom to choose the most appropriate platform for communication.


The program is completely free and does not need to pay any fees for the services it provides.


There are no annoying ads in the program that irritate users as is the case in some other programs.


The program provides you with the ability to communicate by making video calls, voice calls and text messages.


The program allows you to send and receive audio clips, video clips, personal photos and animations.


The program automatically links the name record on the phone and adds them to the program after the user gives permission to do so.


The program is easy and simple during use, as it does not require a large explanation for use and correspondence.

The program is multi-platform where you can download the program on computers, Mac, Android and iPhone.


Download Viber for Android


Download Viber for iPhone


Download Viber for PC and Mac


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