Download the BIP application with a direct link 2021

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Download the BIP application with a direct link 2021


Download the Bip application for Android, iPhone and computer with a direct link to the latest version for free with the new update 2021. This type of application has new and innovative ideas to attract a greater number of users, so we try to collect the largest amount of new ideas used in the recent and most widespread period, and many people around the world are looking for.


For this reason, it has already been shown links to download the Loops Loops Live program, one of the most popular chatting applications, which is receiving a lot of support and fame in the Arab world, and this is due to the large number of Arabs who are constantly present on the program from all over the Arab world and the Middle East region, which is In his work, he depends on the live broadcast of a video of talented people or users to create a mass base of fans and followers, not only that, but also one of the sources for increasing cash income through collecting gifts.


In the previous period, an advertisement appeared in many international newspapers due to the emergence of the sale of the famous WhatsApp messaging application via mobile phones that was acquired by Google, but some new terms and usage policies were introduced that will be imposed on people in February 2021, which include many privacy violations Users, which led to the search for alternative platforms that perform the same purpose while preserving the privacy of users.


This is why the Signal program has been previously shown download links, which is considered the best alternative to WhatsApp because of its security and privacy, as your conversations are encrypted between devices with the possibility of using a feature to destroy messages after reading them, the same feature you can use when sending pictures and this feature The application is unique to it and many users are looking for this feature besides the inability to take a picture of the chat screen, but today we will show you one of the preferred alternatives as well, which is the PIP program that is full of many distinctive features.


Download the Bip application for Android, iPhone and computer for free, latest version 2021


Download the Bip program for iPhone, Android and computer with a direct link, the latest update for free 2021 from the Play Store and from the Apple Store. The first version of the Bip application download was released on November 4, 2013 by BiP AS and the Turkish company Turkcell and its official headquarters is located in Istanbul. Beeb is an instant messaging application and one of the preferred alternatives to the WhatsApp application, after the recent events and changes to the terms of use and new whatsapp policies and the search for alternatives to it. More than 4.6 million new users have subscribed to the program in just three days.


For this reason, the great pressure may suddenly affect the servers, which may cause some problems and slowdowns in registering a new account during this period. The Pipet program works on mobile phones running the Android operating system. You can download it through the official Google Play store, you can try the Bip application on Mobiles that run on the iOS operating system by downloading it through the official Apple Store to work on iPhone phones.


The first feature that we care about on the jawakerr site is to provide all that is free and new in terms of programs and games, as is the case with the Bip application. You can download direct links directly through the official stores from the bottom of the topic. The program supports a wide range of different languages, including support for a full interface in the Arabic language, which increases ease of use for people from the Middle East region, the Beeb developers team is interested in continuous updating to add new features and work to improve performance and solve all problems Which meets people, the Bip is characterized by its small size, which helps people to download and install the program easily on mobile phones as it does not need a large area of ​​mobile storage memory, the program depends on the formation of the personal identifier for new users on the traditional phone number.


Features and characteristics of downloading the Bip program for Android, iPhone and computer 2021


You can download the Bip program for free, and we also promised you to provide all new games and applications on the jawakerr website.


The Beeb application is one of the alternative instant messaging programs for the famous WhatsApp application.


You can send a group message to an unlimited number of friends or users in one go.


A different alert system from the rest of the chatting applications as it supports the alarm by shaking the phone.


You can delete the messages that you sent to your friends that you do not want to be on your friends' phones.


The Beeb program contains a distinct set of different new features to suit your tastes.


You can create groups and specify when they will be closed by using the timed groups feature.


You can use an alternative to the default phone dialer app to do a lot of tasks with one program.


You can share your location with your friends to determine your geographical location, which helps your friends to reach you easily.


You can make voice calls and video calls with high quality and crystal clear sound for free without additional costs.


The advantage of translating messages sent to you or that you will send through the translation settings option.


The Beeb application supports the feature of sending and receiving short voice messages, or in other words, the voice note.


You can take pictures with the camera from within the program with the ability to edit them or write some notes before sending them.


The program supports sending and receiving many different types of files and documents.

The user can create his own cases while continuing on the account for 24 hours.


You can follow and create channels that are similar to the page feature on Facebook to follow all new news.


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