Download Clash Of Clans with a direct link, latest update 2021

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Download Clash Of Clans with a direct link, latest update 2021


Download the game Clash Of Clans for Android, iPhone, computer, laptop and Mac with a direct link last update for free 2021. Download the game Clash of Clans game Clash Of Clans: Welcome my dear friends, visitors to the site jawakerr, after the development of mobile operating systems and the great development in the world of the Internet and applications and Games A lot of highly developed games have appeared for us with new and different ideas. All game production companies have now tended to introduce the Internet into games by playing online, and among the most successful games now are war and action, for example the PUBG game and Fort Knight game, but There is a game older than them and simpler and when its release has attracted many players so far, our topic today will be about downloading the game Clash of Clans and the story of the game and the challenges within the game.There have been many copies of the hacked Clash Of Clans game, but I would like to tell you that all of them are counterfeit games, not the original ones, that you connect to servers and play online and not with your main account on the game, so I do not recommend these copies that may contain many files Malware that harm your mobile phone.

Download Clash Of Clans for pc, laptop, Mac, Android and iPhone

Download Clash of Clans for iPhone, Android, computer, laptop and Mac, the new update latest version 2021. The first download version of the game Clash of Clans was released in 2012 by a company specialized in producing games, the first version of the game was intended to work on the Android operating system for mobile phones, but after The game spread widely, and all the talk at the time was about this very beautiful game. The players asked for a copy to work on iPhone phones with the IOS operating system, the company responded to the players ’demands and produced a version of the game to work on Android phones, but the company has not yet responded regarding A special version of the game to work on computers, but we will do a simple explanation through our topic today on how to run Clash of Clans for the computer by downloading the Android emulator on the computer and installing the game inside the emulator and enjoying playing.

The Clash Of Clans game is considered one of the war games or strategic games that make the player think a lot about how to continue, resist and attack against enemies. The number of active fans of the game constantly has reached more than 100 million users so far, as we know that all the free applications and games have some Add-ons and tools are sold within the game, so the company's profits are estimated at 200 million dollars a day from this game only, as we mentioned before that this game is online, meaning you need internet service so that you can participate and compete with other players, this type of games enables you to make new friends with people From all countries of the world and talking with them inside the game and forming alliances against other players and spreading the spirit of enthusiasm and challenge within the users.

How to play Clash of Clans

The game begins with presenting you as the king of a small and weak village, and you have to start thinking about how to protect your village and annex other villages to you through the attack. The first task for you should be to work to protect your small village against enemy attacks, and this is by building fortresses and buying weapons until Your village becomes strong, you have to place the village square in the middle of the fort so that it will be difficult for the attacker to reach this square. Inside the game there are a lot of things that you use to buy weapons, which are gold, elixirs and old stones. You can get them in two ways, the first way is by buying, the second is By attacking weak villages and getting experience points and materials.

You need materials and gold to buy equipment and weapons to fortify your village, and you will attack other villages to obtain experience points and materials, but you must be careful that it is also possible to lose experience points and soldiers, you must study the village that you will attack and know the extent of your strength before the attack, you must You should upgrade your village wall whenever possible and place defense weapons in a way that enables each weapon to cover the distance of the weapon in front of it, with this strategy you will provide a lot of protection for your village while not neglecting to train your soldiers and attack other villages to gain experience points.

As an evolution of play and entering into more wars and confrontations, the game allowed you to enter the clans, which is a group of people allying with each other to enter major wars with other clans, if an attack occurs on a clan member, you have to help him to repel this attack and exchange soldiers and enter with individuals The clan attacks other villages, and the members of the clan will help you to protect your village against the attack of competitors and present soldiers as a gift to you. If you enter a clan and you cannot communicate with its members due to the difference or weakness of the language or it contains young players, you can leave the clan or move to Another clan easily.

Features of downloading the game Clash Of Clans 

You can now download the game Clash Of Clans for free, as we promised you to provide everything new and free on the jawakerr site.

The company that produces the game provides you with the game to work on the mobile phone with the Android operating system and also the IOS for making iPhone phones.

Clash of Clans is a strategy war game that you can play online with an internet connection.

Each game allows access to the clan or group system that enables you to meet new people, make friends, and make the world like a small village.

The company producing the game is interested in updating it continuously and adding a lot of challenges, weapons and tools.

The game has very high graphics and sound effects that entice you with great enthusiasm.

The size of the game is small compared to all the specifications of the game, and for this game it is characterized by its great speed and not consuming mobile resources while playing.

Clash of Clans has a high-definition 3D quality design with wonderful colors and graphics.

It includes a distinguished set of visual and sound effects that increase the enthusiasm of the players.

The use of mighty supernatural forces was unlocked, starting with City Hall 11, with the development of new attacks.


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