Download Apex Legends game, with the latest direct link, 2021

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Download Apex Legends game, with the latest direct link, 2021


Download Apex Legends game for Android, computer, laptop and Mac with a direct link to the latest version for free, latest update 2021. Apex Legends game Download Apex Legends game: Today we will present to you on the jawakerr site the newest and best-known games of the recent period of the Battle Royale type that everyone prefers Now, after the great popularity of the game of Peggy that we previously presented on our website, if you are a fan of action, action and shooting games of the type of group games that are played online through the Internet by joining a team and starting to compete with others.


The Battle Royale games genre is characterized by that you compete with real people, which is what makes you excited to play and it includes players from all over the world, and at any time you log into the game you will find many players to compete with them or join their teams, the boom that occurred in the world of mobile phones and their operating systems and Also, everyone tends to use the mobile phone daily and stays with them anywhere and all the time, so companies have tended to issue many distinctive games that work on mobile phones with distinctive features.


Perhaps the reason for the companies presenting games of the Battle Royale type is the great fame that the PUBG game and Fortnite game made, so today we offer you to download the game Apex Legends, this game became very popular in a short time and this is what makes many follow its news until we see if this month will Will you continue or will you meet the same fate as the games that are rocketingly famous and then be forgotten and ignored, like the Pokémon game that many critics and celebrities have talked about and that swept the world and everyone was looking for Pokemon on the streets and wherever they are and now they are forgotten, all the critics talk about This game will be an alternative and the reason for forgetting the game Fortnite, just as Fortnite was the cause of the death of the game Overwatch that won the title of the game of the year 2016, but where is it now, the game that we present to you today has some characteristics and features that make you accept to download and try it as well as the developer staff They care to update it.


Download Apex Legends game for Android, PC, laptop and Mac 2021


Download the Apex Legends game for computer, laptop, Mac and Android, the latest update for free, the latest version of 2021. Apex Legends is the best Battle Royale action and shooting game that is played in the first-person perspective, its first release was on February 4, 2019 by developer Respawn Entertainment And it is published by Electronic Arts Company, as we see that the game is new and does not exceed its release some days, but it spread in a very large way, so that the number of subscribers to the game eight hours after the game’s release reached more than one million players and reached three million registered after one day , A version of the game has been released to work on computers with the Windows operating system, and you can download it to work on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One devices as well, but the game has not yet been officially released to work on mobile phones, but the game developer is working on this version and will It will be released soon for phones, and you can download the Vortex Cloud Gaming app for phones running the Android operating system and try it out.


Apex Legends game The number of its players reached nearly two and half a million players daily, with 600,000 people online inside the game at the same time, the play is done by forming a team of three people, and perhaps for this reason we find that there must be a means of communication between the crew Team Perhaps one of the most famous battle royale games, Pubg game provides a means of communication through the mic and headphones, and talking with the team's staff, but there are many players who do not prefer this type of communication with strangers, so the game developer provided a special type of communication within the game called Ping, which is Missing in other Royal Battle games, the new communication system identifies enemies and important elements such as weapons to inform the rest of the team about the presence of enemies and some other situations in which this system helps you to communicate and communicate with your team's staff without the need to speak through the mic.

How to play Apex Legends game

After downloading the game Apex Legends on your device and running it, you will choose between playing the single system or within a team consisting of three players and then enter to choose your character within the game from among the 8 Legend characters each of them have their own distinctive characteristics, then the competition begins to fall as a squad team as usual One of the Battle Royale games and you choose your landing place through the map to land on an island and start your competition, but the game is distinguished by the presence of a large island over its competing games full of houses, buildings, mountains, and a very large battlefield that narrows this space with time, war within the game It accommodates 60 players once in each competition in the individual system or groups. After landing on the island, you must search for equipment and weapons as soon as possible before the opponents attack you, and when confronted, you must take one of the things inside the game as a barrier to protect you from the fire of your competitors' weapons and search for shields from Lead to conserve your energy.


The game Apex Legends provides a large number of different and varied weapons that number up to twenty different firearms, among these weapons are double pistols, quick machine guns, automatic rifles, snipers, knives and more, the game begins with the entire island being safe and then the safety space gradually shrinks So that the competitors are close to each other and you have to keep yourself alive until the end of the battle, which lasts up to 30 minutes, the most advantage of the game over the rest of the competition games is that when a person dies inside the battle, it is possible for the rest of the team to revive him again by reaching his body and obtaining a medal And going to Respawn Station to repeat it again, but this is limited to a certain time, and this is not available in the competition games, in which if a person is killed inside the game, he does not do anything but watch the fight while he is tied, and it appears that the battle ends to play again in the new stage.

Features downloading Apex Legends game for computer and Android

You can download Apex Legends for free, as we promised you to provide everything new and free on the jawakerr website.


The game is available to download to work on different operating systems, including Windows computers, PlayStation 4 and Xbox.


The game is one of the popular Battle Royale games that are widely spread and loved by many.


The game is based on playing online through the internet with real people.


The game allows you to choose between eight people, each with distinct and different characteristics.


The game includes a wide variety of different weapons, up to 20 different types between firearms and white weapons.


The game has two types of communication and they are the Ping system to communicate with strangers, in addition to the usual voice speaking system.


You can play solo or join a team of three players.


The size of the island or the battlefield is much larger than the competition games and it includes 60 players inside the battle.



Download Apex Legends for Android


Download Apex Legends for PC, Laptop and Mac


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