Download Google Maps with the latest direct link, for free, 2021

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Download Google Maps with the latest direct link, for free, 2021


Download the Google Maps application for Android, iPhone, computer, laptop and Mac with a direct link to the latest update for free 2021. Google Maps "The ancient Google company offers a wide range of services, including the Maps service, which is available in two programs. The first is Google Earth, a program that enables you to display maps of the world completely naturally and the program The second is Google Maps, which is one of the very successful programs that is dedicated to phones of all versions and that includes Android phones such as Samsung Galaxy, Nokia, Apple iPhone, iPad and many other types of phones.


Google Maps is one of the important programs that you must have on your mobile device, especially if you are a user of the Android system because simply the application was developed and programmed by the same company that developed the Android system. The program will help you in many things, the most important of which is to guide you to the right methods if you are In a new place that you do not know, you can travel to any place without concern because Google Maps is very accurate and you can rely on it mainly in your trip, and the program also provides many other features that we will explain in detail in the next lines.


The function of the program is summarized in displaying the maps in the place that you specify with great accuracy and it can also determine the routes closest to you in terms of distance to take it via GPS, but if you are in a crowded city, the program can know the extent of congestion in the streets near you and there are many situations Which can be chosen between them, you can set it on the walking pattern, and this will provide you with paved roads for individuals, which are usually shortened, and there is a car mode in which the program determines the best ways that can get you to the place you want and you ride your car. Any trains will carry you to where you want them, as well as train times, arrival times, and route length.


Download the Google Maps application for Android, iPhone, computer, laptop and Mac, the latest update 2021


Download and download the Google Maps program for the computer, laptop, Mac, Android and iPhone with a direct link to the latest release for free 2021 from the Play Store and from the Apple Store. The program is available in its basic version for Android and IOS smartphones as well as for other types of phones. As for Windows computer users they can Entering the maps website directly and getting the same features of the application, and the accuracy of the maps will be significantly better.


Google Maps or "Google Maps" or Google Maps is one of the famous programs that has been very popular in the recent period, as Google Maps provides you with many wonderful features. In the beginning, what is the Google Maps program and what will benefit me. Google Maps is one of the services of the giant company Google, and this service provides you with the ability to display the entire world map on your phone or through your computer via a web browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox or Opera. Not only this, but it provides another set of great features and features that we will explain in detail In the coming lines, if you have previously lost your way in one of the crowded cities that you do not know, you will know how important this application is.


Google 3D Maps enables you to roam anywhere in the world without being afraid of anything. All you have to do is turn on GPS technology and the program will start to locate you immediately and then provide you with many options, for example you can specify the place you want to go and choose a way Navigation, the program provides you with the best streets for walking on feet, as well as the best streets to drive away from this crowd, and it also provides you with train and metro lines in the map. It also calculates the expected time for you to reach the place that you have specified. The streets and the urban division only, and it can be viewed by satellite imagery from the top, and it can also be displayed in 3D or 3D technology until you see the place as it really is.


Advantages of downloading Google Maps for computer, Mac, Android and iPhone 2021


The "Maps program" provides many great features, knowing that various new features are added with each update to provide you with the most important features.


Free: Google Maps 2021 provides maps for all over the world without any costs, and the maps program can be downloaded for free as it derives from this Google Maps service in addition to the continuous support of the application that includes adding new features, correcting errors and updating changes in regions and cities around the world.


Easy to use: The program is easy to use thanks to the simple interface that shows all the tasks that the program performs in a simple way, in addition to the presence of an assistant program that you can use when you are unable to access a specific feature. You will also notice that the program is characterized by its great speed in carrying out tasks compared to programs The other.


Traffic: You can inquire about the traffic in the city that you want to visit or that you are already in to learn how easy it is to pass through it, as well as search for roads with a lower traffic density in the event of a traffic jam on the road you are traveling.


Three-dimensional maps: With 3D Maps technology, you will be able to see the buildings clearly and in three-dimensional image, as it provides you with a clearer view of the place and thus be able to know your exact location without the need for a guide or other programs.


Voice instructions: For those with weak eyesight or with little experience with phone systems, you can follow the map through the voice commands provided by the program, and there are clear commands in English such as turn right, keep walking.


Map styles: There are four modes of maps, which you can choose between easily so that you can choose the mode of public transport to see how you will reach the place you want by public transport only, as well as you can choose to drive if you are riding in your car or a taxi and in which the program determines the route for cars so that Easier, this is in addition to the bicycle mode which is intended for cyclists, but not all countries support these roads and finally the directional walking mode is for individuals who roam.

Calculating distance and time: Google Maps calculates the distance between you and the place you want to go to once you locate it on the map, and it also starts by calculating the expected time of arrival when the movement starts and is by GPS technology.


Indoor maps: There are also internal maps for airports, supermarkets and public places that will help you to reach the place you go easily and without bothering to search for it here and there.


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