Download Hello Neighbor game with the latest direct link, for free, 2021

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Download Hello Neighbor game with the latest direct link, for free, 2021


Download the Hello Neighbor game for Android, iPhone, computer, laptop and Mac with a direct link to the latest version for free with the latest update 2021. Welcome to the neighbor game Hello Neighbor game: Hello and welcome my dear friends, visitors to the website of jawakerr, if you are a fan of strange games and interesting horror games, you should have trouble This topic until the end, we will present to you today the most famous games before their official release and many players around the world and fans of light horror games were waiting for them without any bloody scenes or excessive violence and with a new idea.


Everyone who has tried the game liked it and became addictive to them by opening the game on a daily basis and more than once per day, as it is full of excitement and suspense, which is what many players are looking for as the play is inspired by the spirit of thrill and horror movies, but it is not scary and do not worry about it But it raises the spirit of terror, excitement and suspense during the escape to not be tracked and caught. This game is called by more than one name, including the game Welcome to the Neighbor, which is a literal translation of the name of the game.


Some call it the psychological neighbor game, or after an old game that has a lot of similarity between them. It was played by computers and laptops, and it is a game how to strangle your neighbor, and the company that produced the game issued more than one version of a different game in terms of the goals you are required to implement But with the same characters and atmosphere in the world of the game, so if you like the game experience and want new goals and more areas, you can download the full series of the game and try them all.


Also, the producing company issues new copies for it from time to time with updating the current versions and changing the atmosphere of the game and the surrounding environment for the player so that he does not feel bored, if you are a fan of exciting thrill games, we advise you to try the game through the quick direct links from the bottom of the topic from During the official stores, after learning about the game’s distinctive features, content and story the game tells, and knowing the objectives required of you and how to play.


Download the Hello Neighbor game for Android, iPhone, PC, Laptop and Mac, latest update


Download the Hello Neighbor game for computer, laptop, Mac, Android and iPhone with the latest direct link for free from the Play Store and from the Apple Store in the latest version 2021.The first version of Hello Neighbor was released on December 8, 2017 by the Russian Dynamic Pixels games studio. Developed and published by TinyBuild, it was the first version to work on computers and laptops with the Windows operating system and the Xbox One console.


To be released on the rest of the devices and other operating systems on July 27, 2018 as one of the horror games, the game works on mobile devices with the Android operating system that you can download through the Google Play Store, you can download the game to work on mobile devices with the IOS operating system Through the Apple Store store to work on iPhone phones, the most important features we care about on the jawakerr site is to provide everything new and free of applications and games as is the case with the game that we offer you today.


You can enjoy the Hello Neighbor game without the need to connect to the Internet, that is, offline play, which distinguishes the game from other games as you can play it at any time and anywhere without looking at the availability of an Internet service in the place, the game is characterized by high-quality 3D graphics with The graphics and colors are very accurate and beautiful, which provides you with an enjoyable experience while playing, the game has a lot of sound and visual effects that put you in an atmosphere of horror full of excitement and excitement, which makes the player not feel bored, but rather increases the enthusiasm.


What increases the player's enthusiasm is the task required of him within the game, which urges the player to know what is inside your neighbor's house, which increases your enthusiasm for finding out what is inside his house, making you addicted to the game and you play it more than once per day, the game is presented in the style of animated films Cartoon with an explanation of what you should do via notifications.


How to play Hello Neighbor


The story of the annoying neighbor game begins with a boy moving to live in a new neighborhood, and one day while he is playing in his house, he hears the sound of screaming from a neighbor’s house, then the boy goes to voye by looking at what is happening in a neighbor’s house and the source of this sound is through one of the windows of the house. A neighbor of a person with a mustache is locking a boy in the basement or the basement of the house with a lock and hiding the key, the same from the child's suspicion and curiosity to find out what is behind the basement door of a neighbor’s house, so he planned to break into the house without feeling a neighbor, so he tries to enter from one of the windows of the house and finds the neighbor chewing The bear trap and cameras are on the door of the house, so you should plan to enter the house without your neighbor noticing and arresting you.


When you succeed in entering the cellar at your neighbor’s house, you will find that the basement is a prison and no prisoner or any other person can find it empty, then the boy decides to leave a neighbor’s house, but in the meantime, a neighbor discovers the presence of a stranger and is arresting you and locking you inside the basement, you must now try Exiting from the basement and escaping outside the house, but you will be met by many traps and obstacles set by your neighbor so that you cannot escape, and the difficulty varies with each level you pass with new surprises at each stage.


Features of downloading the game Hello Neighbor


You can download the Hello Neighbor game for free, as we have promised you on the jawakerr website that we offer everything new and free.


The game works on mobile phones with the Android operating system, which you can download through the official Google Play Store.


You can download the game to work on mobiles with the IOS operating system for iPhone phones through the official Apple Store.


The game also works on Windows computers and on Xbox One and other gaming devices.


The game is considered a type of horror, suspense and excitement games, as it puts the player in a terrifying atmosphere without bloody scenes.


The game is characterized by high-resolution 3D graphics with very beautiful graphics and colors that put the player inside a cartoonish atmosphere, which attracts players to it.


It looks a lot like How to Disturb Your Neighbor, the old and very popular game on computers and laptops.


The game includes a lot of sound and visual effects that enter the player in an atmosphere of horror full of excitement and enthusiasm.


The game does not need an internet connection, so you can enjoy playing it offline.


It makes the player think about planning well and observing the atmosphere so that the neighbor does not feel it and catches it, which works to develop the player's mind to think and be careful.


The game is characterized by its small size, which makes it easy to install on your device as it does not occupy a large amount of phone memory.


Download Hello Neighbor for Android


Download Hello Neighbor for iPhone


Download Hello Neighbor for PC, Laptop and Mac


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