Download ibis Paint X with the latest direct link, for free, 2021

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Download ibis Paint X with the latest direct link, for free, 2021


Download the ibis Paint X app for Android and iPhone with a direct link to the latest version for free, the new update 2021. Download ibis Paint X is one of the most popular and wonderful drawing applications that is considered as a small Photoshop program on your phone, as it contains many different types of brushes in addition to tools The wonderful tool that helps you and helps you to easily draw through multiple layers, with the ability to use images stored on your phone or anime images from within the program and then share them on the ibispaint application platform. Moreover, it contains many different types of fonts in order to add wonderful writing texts on the picture.


Downloading ibis Paint X in Arabic is considered one of the programs that is easy and smooth to handle, that is, any beginner can deal with it and then access to professionalism, as it contains a complete explanation record to teach the basics of drawing and how to use the program's tools, and you can also download ibis Paint Make a small video of the drawing method and then upload it to the Twitter or Facebook platform to share it with friends, and you can also install ibis Paint apk for free with a paid version that has many other additions available.


Download ibis Paint X for Android and iPhone with the latest direct link, the latest version 2021


Download the ibis Paint X app for iPhone and Android with a direct link, the latest version, for free, the new update from the Play Store and from the Apple Store, the latest update 2021. The leading ibis inc company has launched a link to download ibis Paint X since 2014, as a mini-template for Photoshop or a special Paint program Desktop, but in a small size and free of charge through the official stores for smartphones, and it is worth noting that it supports many different languages, on top of them Arabic, English and other languages.


It also contains more than 60 frames per second in addition to more than 381 types of different types of brushes, with multiple types of different pens that vary between digital pens, liner pens and liquid inks of multiple colors, in addition to that, the ibis Paint X application contains 46 patterns, more than 256 degrees of selection, as well as more than 30 colors and other great features included in this unique application.


Technical information about downloading ibis Paint X for Android and iPhone 2021


Many experts in the field of applications and programs have ranked ibis paint x at the global level to occupy the first ranks among many other drawing programs, as the number of its users has reached more than 50 million users from different countries of the world, and because it includes a large number of tools, it has won Many people like it, so it was given a very high rating of 4.6, and for more information about ibis paint x download file, read the following:


Brush Functions:


Ability to work more than 60 frames per second.


It contains more than 142 different types of brushes.


The possibility of using different types of pens and airbrushes.


Multiple uses for beginning and ending brush thickness.


A scrolling feature that can make some adjustments to the thickness of the brush.


Layer-specific functions:


The possibility of creating more than one layer according to the size of the internal memory of the phone.


Create layers within the black ipis paint application with multiple modes between opaque, single or mixed.


Multiple commands for layers in terms of uploading an image from the gallery or using the application images, as well as the horizontal and vertical reflection, rotation and panning properties, with the ability to increase or shrink the image size.


How to use ibis Paint X on any image from a mobile phone


First, determine your age group.


Click on the Agree button and start after reading the terms and conditions.


After that, the main interface will appear, click on the My Gallery button.


After that, the following screen will appear, click on the + icon.


After that, adjust the settings for the image that you will upload and then click on Import Picture.


Choose an image from the gallery and click on the OK button and make all the different adjustments to it.


Advantages of downloading ibispaint for Android and iPhone 2021


My private photo file feature, which allows you to upload your artwork in a private folder to share with major artists.


The feature of quickly recording the drawing process to optimize the use of each tool.


The ibisPaint 2021 download contains many tools, each of which plays an important role in the graphic.


Contains more than 381 brushes of various sizes and thicknesses.


Feature to receive notifications about your artwork from comments or interaction.


Ability to create an unlimited number of layers with layer selection properties.


More than 2500 materials can be used completely free of charge.


Download ibis Paint X for Android


Download ibis Paint X for iPhone


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