Download the Calls Blacklist app with direct link 2021

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Download the Calls Blacklist app with direct link 2021


Download the Calls Blacklist program for Android with a direct link to the latest version for free with the latest update 2021. Download the best programs to block annoying calls, messages and numbers is the topic of the day, hello and welcome dear followers and visitors to the website jawakerr, it does not hide to everyone the great spread achieved by smartphones in the period The last, which surpassed any type of other device, as the number of phone users in the world reached more than 4 billion users, and this made the communication process more complicated than the previous one, and users often received many messages and annoying calls from unknown people for several reasons, whether propaganda or otherwise. Causing inconvenience to everyone, this is why some companies have developed some features in their phones, such as a blacklist that does not allow numbers to reach you and does not appear when calling or when receiving a message from these blocked numbers.


It is a well-known feature called the blacklist, but unfortunately a large percentage of phone users in general cannot access this feature because it needs some experience, so everyone seeks to download a program to block calls, or download a program to block calls and messages gives closed, and fortunately there are many Among the companies that have developed programs that work to prevent the arrival of numbers and annoying messages to you professionally, the most important of which is the integrated service in the Truecaller program and the Hello Facebook program, but today we are reviewing the best program in this field, which is the Calls Blacklist program, the blacklist program to block calls is one of the applications Available for the Android system, which allows you to block all that can be received from a specific number, whether voice calls, video calls, or otherwise, as the program automatically mutes all notifications and sounds issued when calling a specific number that you have previously blocked, in today's topic we will offer you a detailed review about Calls Blacklist program for Android phones.


Download Calls Blacklist for Android latest update 2021


Download, download and install the Calls Blacklist program for Android, the latest update 2021.It is important that you download a program to manage your calls so that you can get to know them and be able to control them better. I have previously mentioned the famous Truecaller program, which enables you to know the owners of the numbers as well as you can know the numbers that were reported About it because it is annoying, and the program will do many other advantages. You can refer to the topic to find out, as for the call blocking program, it is somewhat different as sometimes you find some people who suffer from emptiness and professionally harass people for no reason.


It may be during your work or leisure time and you find a number that calls you and wastes your time for no reason. Therefore, it is your duty in this case to download a program to block annoying calls for mobile phones. Fortunately, the program is compatible with all smart phones currently available on the Android system, so you can download the call blocker program that gives closed to Samsung And Nokia, BlackBerry and Huawei, provided that these phones work with the Android system, and this program is free and provides you with many distinctive tasks as well. You can benefit from them completely without the need to pay anything, and it will save you from all annoying, useless calls, messages and numbers.


How does Calls Blacklist work


The way the Calls Blacklist application and program for Android works is very simple, all of it is that the program uses the rejection list feature found in most Android phones, where the program makes the phone exploit the special rejection list available in most Android phones mainly and the function of this feature is to make any A number that you add in this list is unable to communicate with you, as if this number tries to contact you, the call will be rejected from the phone itself automatically and it will appear busy with the calling party and that's it.


What Calls Blacklist provides you with is an easy and simple interface for this process. Instead of going into the phone settings, searching for the rejection list and dealing with it in one way or another, you can now download the call blocker program for mobile and with ease you open it and add the numbers you want without the slightest problem and you can later manage this The numbers so that if you want to add a new number or delete a number from the list, it will be very easy compared to entering the phone settings and doing the same things.


The services that Calls Blacklist provides to you


There are many wonderful services provided by Calls Blacklist Apk, all of which of course are related to annoying calls, messages and numbers, and these services are constantly updated, as the incoming call blocker has a strong support team working on it continuously and this explains the millions of downloads of the application on the Google Play Store in addition to To the excellent evaluation of 4.5 stars on the store, here are the most important services that the Call Blocker Program provides to you without the Internet.


Rejection list: which appears as "BlackList", which is the list that contains all the numbers that you have added to the program and which you want to block access to you and you can control it in terms of saving this list to a file so that you can use it on any other Android device or you can stop calls only or Messages only, or both. You can also add numbers to the automatic reject list from the call log, or by entering the number manually or through the phone book, use the method that suits you.


Calls and messages: When you block messages and calls from some people, this does not mean that you do not want to know how many times this person tried to communicate with you through it, so the program provided you with the ability to see the log of stopped or blocked calls through the program, such as those in the regular phone log where The record shows you the number and times of calls throughout the day and some other details such as blocked messages as well and the numbers that sent these messages as shown in the picture above.


Scheduled Mode: You may not want to answer the phone at times, either when sleeping or at work, so you turn off your phone or activate the flight mode, but you can now dispense with all of this by using the Call Blocker program, which allows you to block and block calls and messages from all numbers or from Certain numbers at certain times of the day, for example, you can specify your work hours in the program’s schedule to block all incoming calls to you, and of course you can refer to them at a later time to find out which calls have been blocked.


White list: It is the list in which you put all the numbers that you want to reach you in all cases without blocking, even if you activate the barring mode for all incoming calls to you, and this feature may be useful if you only want some calls to reach you without others, and you can of course update Always delete this list by deleting and adding numbers to it.


Advantages of downloading the Calls Blacklist program for Android


Completely free: you will not need anything to be able to download the program to block nuisance calls for the mobile, it is sufficient to enter the Google Play Store from the link provided at the bottom and then download the program directly and without any costs, but the program may display some simple ads in the interface sometimes, which represent a source of profit The developers for this app are simple and unobtrusive ads.


Effective program: After trying the program before writing this topic, we found out the power of the program’s effectiveness. No disturbing number will reach you anymore. If you add in the list of rejecting numbers in the program, you will also not receive any messages because the program hides these numbers and incoming calls immediately and without The need for any intervention from you and the phone works on silent mode so that no unwanted number disturbs you.


Light and fast: Since the program works in the background continuously, it is natural that you find it negatively affects the performance of the device, but on the contrary, the blacklist mobile call blocking program is very light on the system and does not affect the work of the rest of the programs in any way because its size is very small and does not do many Of the tasks, he is only responsible for the calls and does not work in any other situation, which makes him the best among his competitors.


Ease of use: The program to block annoying calls and spam for Android has a very simple interface, as it is designed to focus on the basic tasks of the program without addressing anything else and this is what made the program very easy to use and this is what you will notice when you use the program on your device and you can make sure of that through Watch the video below, where we explain the program more clearly.

Download Calls Blacklist for Android


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