Download Google Chrome with a direct link of the latest version 2021

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Download Google Chrome with a direct link of the latest version 2021


Download, download and install Google Chrome for Android, iPhone, computer, laptop and Mac with a direct link to the latest version for free with the latest update 2021. Download Google Chrome, the latest version of Google Chrome 2021, download the Google Chrome browser Download Google Chrome, the latest version for a full Arabic computer, is the topic of the day, hello and welcome Dear followers and visitors of the jawakerr website for free programs, applications and games Google Chrome 2021 is an open source web browser built by Google, and the first version of this browser was released on September 2, 2008, and this browser was also designed so that it can access the Internet completely safely at high speed The idea of ​​creating this browser started where the Google team was suffering from a problem that browsers use one thread to carry out all operations on the Internet, which causes slowness when opening pages, so the developer team for Google Browser solved this problem and a quote in the multiple power ball where each web page works Open inside the browser with its own operations, in this way the memory will not be exhausted and the browser did not cause any harm to the device and it works at high speed.


The Google Chrome browser has been developed and the JavaScript engine has also been developed by developers from Denmark for Google, which leads to the design of an interface with a title bar and controls that can be used when entering the Internet and can also open more than one tab on the browser in addition to The interface of the program is characterized by a search box that works to output the words as quickly as possible and has an automatic completion or spell check feature and also can search in your browsing history, Google Chrome program allows you to add features, features and advanced tools that help you protect your data and can be used when entering To different sites, the program also gives you information about harmful sites that you can identify through the free service provided by Google, and there are also many add-ons and services that make the Google Chrome browser completely safe, providing the user with a fast and secure browser in addition to the design, complete stability and the interface that is easy to deal with.


Download Google Chrome for Android, iPhone, computer, laptop, and Mac

Download, download and install the Google Chrome browser for computer, laptop, Mac, iPhone and Android with a direct link for free, latest version 2021. Downloading the Google Chrome program for mobile computer is the first browser in the field of Internet browsers, which ranks first and is considered one of the best and most powerful browsers where you can browse various websites and websites and it is distinguished It is famous all over the world because it is characterized by a simple interface that is easy to deal with, and this program is superior to Firefox, Internet Explorer or Yossi Browser, Opera browser since its first launch, where Google has provided a unique browser that is compatible with all smart devices that work with the system. Operating Android and IOS as it also works on computers, and the program is updated periodically and continuously in order to comply with the development of technology and in this matter we will provide the latest version of the Google Chrome browser the official version, and we will also explain the download method, the most important features of the browser, extensions and tools that can be used when access to the Internet.


The 2021 Google Chrome program with a direct link is an open source web browser developed by the famous Google company so that all users can browse websites on the Internet in complete safety and at high speed, and as we know that Google is an American company specializing in the field of advertisements and it is the parent company that organizes the information Available on the Internet, which we have until today, in addition to that the Google Chrome browser helps people to browse safely, steadily and quickly. It also supports many different languages ​​of the world, including Arabic and English, and provides features including adding sites and pages to your favorites list for reference at any time. You can also save your privacy. And your data and passwords within the Google Chrome Browser, which updates itself automatically from time to time.


Internet browser Google Chrome since its first launch and it is considered the first browser that people use thanks to the constant updates that increased the strength and speed of this browser and made it ranked first, Google Chrome is one of the best internet browsers because it is characterized by high speed and it is a free browser easy to use with a search engine It is powerful through which you can access all the sites and information that people are searching for, it also shows the results and suggestions that users search for while writing, and it also shows you all the sites that you recently visited so that you can reach what you are looking for in the least time and also includes the Google Chrome program on poems A variety of them include the auto-fill feature that works to complete electronic forms where the program saves the information that you have typed such as name, address, e-mail and phone, which saves you the trouble of writing and is also distinguished from other browsers that it helps people in the process of searching for websites and through which pages can be saved And famous sites such as Facebook and Twitter are in your favorites list, and you can synchronize the search if, for example, you search from c With this computer, the browser helps you complete recent searches and shows them on the mobile. You can also have full control over the browser settings, update passwords, and save your e-mail so that you can access YouTube and Google Plus using your Google services account. Chrome also provides all extensions that help people access To sites on the Internet and also to access the pages that you recently visited, and the browser is constantly updated automatically, which indicates that Google Chrome is the most popular Internet browser that supports the Arabic language.


Google Chrome installation features


Browser interface: Google Chrome contains an easy-to-use interface with a search box through which you can access anything on the Internet where it checks the spell check. You can also press the microphone icon to speak and write anything you are looking for using voice. There is also a list containing the sites that You have visited it and you can open more than one tab in the program interface at one time, there are three points at the top of the page through which you can control the browser settings completely for free without any problems.


Data saving: If you use the Google Chrome browser on your mobile device, you can now know the data consumption so that the browser does not affect the experience of use and this is one of the most important features that Google Chrome issues, as this feature reduces the hours of consumption and loads web pages quickly and reduce A large amount of data used by the browser, as the data is compressed through Google's servers before it is displayed to you, which leads to not consuming battery life and saving the Internet package.


Advanced applications: Google has provided all the products and services within the Google Chrome browser, which was designed by professionals. It is the best browser for entering the Internet. It is also easy to use with menus, settings and applications that serve people when browsing the Internet. It also contains the complete online marketplace.


Chrome Web Store: Within this market there are recently updated additions and there is a set of tools that benefit the user in providing data, calendar, calculators and taking a picture of the screen and there is an evaluation of these applications and all Microsoft programs can be added to the Google Chrome browser from this full market.


Task Manager: Google Chrome provides a task manager that can be used to preserve the random memory without affecting the processor, which leads to a decrease in the temperature of the mobile phone, and you can use the computer, it will not affect the device’s battery because the developer of Google Chrome has added a data-saving feature to reduce From consuming internet packages.


Google services: You will find in the interface of the Google Chrome browser the services provided by Google, including Google account, maps, news, Gmail, Google Drive, in addition to Calendar, Google Plus, Google Translate, instant pictures, your Gmail account, there are also Google notifications and a wide range of backgrounds that can be chosen.


Privacy and security: After downloading the latest version of the Google Chrome browser for the mobile computer, you can fully control the program settings and access to privacy and security that help you increase the security parameters within the browser and keep your data from anyone entering it, so that browsing the Internet is completely safe.


Ease of use and speed: The Google Chrome internet browser works quickly and efficiently and also supports a wide range of applications that help the user when entering the Internet in order to make the process of dealing with the program easy without prior knowledge. The program interface is professionally designed as it contains a search box through which you can access Anything in the fastest time easily.


Protection and complete safety: One of the most important features within the Google Chrome browser is that it preserves the user's data and deals with pages that contain malicious software so as not to harm your computer, and you can also download and download add-ons to the Google Chrome browser through which you can increase protection, safety and discover software Harmful and viruses that may harm the user.


A completely free browser: You can download the Google Chrome browser for the computer, the latest update, with a direct link, without any fees, in many languages, including Arabic and English, with all the features in this version, which completely prevents annoying ads, through which you can enter the various website and record passwords to Facebook and Twitter The use of e-mail is completely free of charge.


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