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download FingerPrint Lock free direct link 2021


Download, download and install the FingerPrint Lock app for Android with a direct link to the latest version for free with the latest update 2021. Download the screen protection and fingerprint lock application for free as everyone knows that intruders are everywhere and with the great development that the smart phone sector has witnessed in the recent period, the phone has become containing All user data, including photos, bank accounts, information and documents that no one wants to see, therefore, there are built-in protections in the system itself that allow you to encrypt your data.


For example, you can lock the screen and applications using a password, and this method is usually very strong, but its only drawback is that typing the password every time is considered very boring, especially with large passwords, so some people may resort to making a pattern or pattern to protect the home screen, as it is an easy way. It provides protection that is not bad until some of the phone manufacturers developed a fingerprint system, which enables you to enter the phone provided that you indicate your finger on the place designated for the fingerprint in the phone, which in turn reads the fingerprint and matches it with the already existing one, and it is in fact a very wonderful technology and we all wish it had a similar one in His phone If you want to activate this feature in your smartphone, read carefully.


Smartphone screens are very sensitive to heat and application developers have taken advantage of this feature and created an application or program that enables you to run a fingerprint on any phone in an easy way by downloading a small-sized application that does this task and one of the most famous applications in this field is the Finger Print Lock Screen application, which is a phrase About a program that analyzes the screen of your phone to determine the most sensitive places in it to record your fingerprint and then save it and set it to be instead of the traditional encryption system.


Download Fingerprint Lock Screen PRANK app for Android latest version


Download, download and install the FingerPrint Lock program for Android with a direct link from the Play Store latest update 2021. The FingerPrint Lock Screen program has achieved great success on Google Play shortly after the release of the final version of it, because it enabled users to save the confidentiality of their data in a professional and impenetrable way. Now, do not worry about your phone if it is lost or stolen from you. No one will be able to access your data, regardless of his experience. It is known that "fingerprint phone lock" is one of the most secure encryption methods.


The screen lock application and fingerprint applications provide multiple locking styles, so you can, for example, lock the entire screen so that no one can even unlock your phone. You can also lock a specific application and leave the rest of the applications, including the home screen open and available for use without the need to enter a fingerprint, and this may be useful in case you are You want to lock pictures, for example, or chat programs such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger, and this feature will be similar to the work of the famous App lock program. Here is a quick review of the latest update of the "fingerprint lock program for Android" that includes the features and the most important updates.


Features of installing FingerPrint Lock Screen for Android


Protection patterns: The fingerprint reader for Android provides many forms of protection, providing you with 100% confidentiality and security, which made it superior to all other applications that do the same task.


Protecting your phone: The confidential fingerprint application helps you completely protect your phone from the tampering of friends, intruders and children, which makes you feel comfortable and secure on your phone and the confidentiality of your data.


Ease of use: the program is very simple, especially with its support for the Arabic language, which makes it easier for Arab users to deal with the program more easily, in addition to the new interface designed specifically to provide a distinctive experience for users of various segments.


Available for more than one system: The application has multiple copies that are compatible with all types of phones that have the touch feature. You can download the fingerprint application for Samsung, Sony, LG, Huawei, Lenovo, iPhone, iPad and other phones such as the BlackBerry.


Photocopying the thief: The program provides a great feature which is by opening the front camera of the phone when someone tries to enter the fingerprint in a wrong way or when tampering with your phone is transferred, so the camera will photograph it and send it to your e-mail that you previously registered.

Download FingerPrint Lock Screen for Android


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