Download Format Factory program with a direct link 2021

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Download Format Factory program with a direct link 2021


Download Format Factory program for computer and laptop with the latest direct link for free, the 2021 challenge. And free applications and games. We talk about the Format Factory application, the latest version of the official website for image editing and media editing, where this program is considered one of the best applications used in converting video files and multimedia files in various formats. Detailed files in addition to the preview feature, file processing and converting them to different formats, Format Factory, the format factory program allows the user to convert files. Through this application, you can convert music to MP3, WMA, OGG, AAC formats and convert videos to MP4, 3GP, AVI, WMV and other other formats, Format Factory is completely free and works in Arabic and now English and supports most of the world's languages ​​and is compatible with all versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows Vista.


Install Format Factory program for computer and laptop with the latest update. The program is light, small, does not take up space on the device’s memory and is completely safe. It converts file formats, whether they are PDF, BMP, AAC, TGA, JPG, OGG, AMR, PNG, ICO, MP4, 3GP, FLA, MP3 and others in addition to it You can convert the file format from PDF to TXT and add watermark, Download Format Factory 2021 original version that supports reducing the size of multimedia files and through which it can make a backup copy and repair damaged videos and audio files as it supports all types of video, pictures and audio formats and supports special document file formats With iPod and iPhone, this version allows you to enlarge, rotate and reduce images and supports more than 66 different languages. It also supports downloading videos from YouTube and websites, downloading, processing and controlling TXT DOC XLS HTM files, in addition to the security and privacy in which this application works. Wonderful.


Download Format Factory for PC and laptop, with the latest update


Download Format Factory for computer and laptop directly with the latest update for free 2021. It is considered one of the most important and powerful programs used to modify video formats, audio files and change their extensions, where you can change MP3 audio files into multiple formats that work on smartphones while maintaining their quality after conversion as well. It helps you convert movies and burn them to audio discs. It is a simple and easy tool that converts files into multiple formats in order to facilitate sharing and save space on the hard disk. The Format Factory program to convert the file extension has been programmed and developed by the famous company "Time Free" which is based on The application was released in 2008 AD and it won the admiration of many users around the world because it is the best factory for converting file formats, as it works on a stable operating system through Microsoft Windows.


Continuous support for this application is also provided and more than 65 languages ​​are provided in order to spread all over the world and the best of this is that the program does not contain any annoying ads and it is one of the free tools through which it is possible to convert formats and run on the computer basically, the new format Factory is compatible with Computers and with all smartphones, and all age groups can use this wonderful application, as it needs experience or prior learning in addition to being strong, fast and specialized in converting and images. It is not only limited to the conversion process only, but has many features and advantages, including recovering damaged files and examining audio files And the video and create new files for conversion and enables you to integrate the subtitles inside the videos where you can choose the translation file and insert it into the video and save this file on your computer easily and without facing any problem through a simple program that contains an easy interface and works in many languages ​​on all versions of Windows, Download Format Factory for all devices with a full Arabic direct link 2021 does not need high device capabilities, it works on most devices and does not require activation or surrealism D Various formats and various extensions have been incorporated in the new version of Format Factory, the original most popular version in the world.


Tasks offered by the Format Factory installation


Format Factory for the computer program for free offers many advantages, features, tasks and services, as it prevents you from downloading any other additional programs and you will not need any tools after downloading this wonderful application, in this paragraph we will mention some of the formulas provided by the factory that you will get after you download the program From our site through the direct link in the same way that we mentioned in the previous paragraph.


Converting formats: The basic idea of ​​downloading the Format Factory 2021 program for the computer is to convert all the formats on your computer, for example if you want to open a specific image in PNG format, you can convert this format to several other formats in addition to converting video formats, and for this reason the name was launched The program, which is the formulas manufacturer, due to the basic advantages and special importance it provides to support various formulas and extensions.


Burning discs: The process of copying discs is one of the most important processes that take place to preserve their content from loss or damage. This process is done on CDs and DVDs, which are the most widespread so far, in order to ensure storage methods are cheaper in price and save space on the hard disk, but when copying there is no Some problems in the event that the disc was exposed to fractures or scratches, so the Format Factory program has developed a copying feature to preserve it and avoid such problems.


Save space: If you want to download high-quality movies, you will face some problems on your computer, as the movies that play in high quality want enough space on the hard disk, and in case if you want to download or download more than one movie, you will not be able because of the size of these movies. Too large, so the Format Factory program solved this problem and provided a feature that allows you to reduce and reduce the size of videos by 60% without affecting their quality, in addition to providing more storage space on the device.


Recovering Formats: Sometimes the file format may be lost or damaged as a result of wrong handling of these files or due to harmful viruses that make the operation impossible, so you can through the Format Factory program solve this problem by fully controlling the conversion of the format of these files because the program provides New formats not present on Windows through which you can play and convert the format of any file very quickly and without facing any problem to get the files that do not work.


Modification of images: Format Factory for the computer provides a set of advantages that can be used to modify images professionally, such as Photoshop, but this modification is limited to controlling the size of the image and in changing the dimensions and the process of flipping the image and making it vertical or horizontal and modifying it in proportion to your desire and without The need to download photo editing programs and change all file formats, whether for computer or mobile, and control the conversion process without your interference.


Format Factory download features for pc and laptop


Completely free: Download the Format Factory program for free with a direct link for the computer for the year 2021, the latest version that provides all the accessories, features and tools without paying any fees or subscription to use the services it provides.


Easy to use: Dealing with the Format Factory program is easy and does not require experience as the program is simple and does not contain any complexity and includes all tools and features in a simple interface that is easy to deal with.


Supports languages: The Format Factory program works more than 65 languages ​​around the world, and this is what made the program spread among a large number of users in addition to the various services it provides that are not found in any other program.


Supported systems: You can download and run Format Factory on all versions of Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10 for 32 and 64 bit kernels as it is a comprehensive, small-sized program that does not take up space on the hard drive.


Supports formats: The main idea of ​​this program version is to convert any type of file into different formats, whether they are images, videos or audio files. The graphics display has been improved and the WebP image format has been added to the program.

Download Format Factory for PC and laptop


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